In an instant, so brief it is a fractional piece of a frail moment, we are here and then we are not.  That does not mean we do not still exist, however.  It can happen in a conscious effort or an inevitable moment of what we call death.

Slowly but surely, the human species is becoming aware of a quantum existence.  Our technologies are demonstrating this reality every day as we define ‘frequencies’ and use them to isolate one from the other.  Simple examples we use every day are the radio, television, phones and the www internet.  Individually and combined, they are virtually billions of ‘realities’ coexisting in the same space and time; yet, we isolate one specific frequency (or reality) from all the others to listen, see, talk, communicate and entertain ourselves.

Instantly, as we change channels, we can move from one frequency to another.  In other words, we are mechanically going from one reality to another as we simply touch a button, dial in a new set of numbers or digital code.  All the other countless ‘realities’ continue to exist while we only realize one.

With these ‘realities’ in mind, our consciousness, our sense of self-awareness, is a reality isolated into one frequency of consciousness, here and now.  Why would we deny the multitude of ‘realities’ that coexist beyond the reality we are conscious of?  Each person has his/her personal reasons though, deep down into the subconsciousness of their minds, is the continuum of this acknowledged reality.  It is the fundamental motivation for our creating religions and any variety of divine purposes for our existence.

Some folks are closer to this acknowledgement and actually pursue methods of ‘attuning’ to the multi-dimensional universe.  We refer to these efforts as ‘meditational’, yoga, transcendent meditation, and so forth.  And, frankly, we have, within our physical structure, the ‘devices’ (centers of vortex, buttons) capable of moving from one frequency to another, other dimensions of the quantum universe.  This motivation is only natural.  Why would we confine ourselves to one reality when we can learn so much ‘changing channels’ just like we do with our radio or television or have conversations with different folks with our phones?

It is not ‘escapism’, denying the purpose and pleasures of our physical present reality.  Rather, opportunities to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of them.  Moreover, it can provide a greater understanding and management of ourselves.  What is ‘enlightenment’, anyway?  Perhaps it is no more or less than a ‘self-awareness’ and understanding of our greater realities.

Whether we dare these ventures into what we call ‘our spirituality’ or not, the reality is that we will make this ‘frequency transition’ inevitably as we die.  It is a mere nanosecond away at every moment we here exist.

The Inevitable Venture

Our daily lives and the extraordinary ventures of life present their unique circumstances and dangers.  We learn quickly not to do a lot of things that will harm or kill us.  We, hopefully, learn to be selective in the types of people and circumstances we allow into our lives.  We see the value of knowing what is right and wrong, ethical or shamefully harmful to others and ourselves.  It would be wrong to assume we, as an individual and as a collective species, always do what we know is the right thing to do.  The continued conflict between our impulses and weaknesses versus our intuitive morality and conscience is very much an integral part of the purposes of our existence.

Why, then, would we assume these elements (or factors of life) do not exist in other dimensions of life?  It’s understandable for the human to aspire to a heaven or idyllic place in the future of their lives.  Are they simple inventions of our aspirations or very real and achievable?  The question is justified while absurdly hypothetical.

Yet, there is the simplicity of the reality of ‘adaptation’.  Evolution is adaptation.  The continuous transformation and changing of the entire universe is, in reality, a continuum of adaptation.  Is this, ultimately, a process of a Creators’ evolution to its own definition of perfection, heaven, an idyllic state of being?  This is a grand possibility….and, probability.

Within the structural definition of the most ancient metaphysical teachings are primary regions, or realms (dimensions) a life-form (soul) can ‘evolve’ and exist within.  Each region or dimensional realm has its well-defined ‘frequency’ on which it functions and sustains itself.  This is referred to in many religions as a sound-current, the Word in the Bible, and so forth.  Is this so different from the elementary use of radios, television, phones or www internet?  Perhaps these are all simplistic examples of our quantum reality.

And, as with our mortal life, our use of these elementary devices of technology, there are dangers and devious motives that we should be careful to discern and avoid.  The same is true in our ‘spiritual’ pursuits and ventures.  The human is very vulnerable to the influences and manipulations of others within and outside of our dimension of conscious life.  Simple substance of principles is our spiritual substructure and aloof to the doctrines, indoctrinations and subliminal influences in all dimensional realms of our incredible existence.

The Nano-Thought and Continuance

How fast is a thought?  Perhaps there is no point to, and ability to, measure it.  Ultimately, a thought is our only Nowness.  As fast as they come and go they are a frequency of Nowness, a nano-moment.  The mind, and the consciousness beyond it, never sleeps, never stops, a continuum of activity.  Yes, we have a brain but, what is its function?  It is much like what we call a ‘hard drive’, a device to process, store information, continue the ‘apps’ that maintain body functions, assemble thought into a formation expressible on this level of consciousness.

When the body is no longer functional the ‘hard drive’ slows down but continues the ‘thought processing’ for any length of time, usually around 72 hours.  In the meantime, the ‘mind’, the ethereal and our multi-layered life force adjust to the ‘progression and adaptions’ achieved in our mortal time.  This is a continuance of our timeless existence. 

The subject of what happens at the moment of our ending of life in the mortal form is voluminous. Each person is unique and will continue in their own way.  The transition of awareness regarding the ‘frequency’ we are functioning within is instant, within the definition of a ‘nano-thought’.


To each person who would actually read this item there will be a unique reaction.  Some will reject it entirely while others just assume it is BS and others will give it some measure of consideration.  This commentator can only present the substance; and, do so without concern for how it will be received.  Ultimately, however, you will have your ‘nano-moment’ of transition and the advice is to be as prepared for the venture as much as possible.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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