Of course, we all know governments never lie.  But, something didn’t seem right as I/we were presented with the data regarding inflation lately.  So, here’s my take.

Being obviously a little eccentric, I keep my grocery lists and receipts, also receipts on fuel and farm items.  Mostly because I like to compare things as time goes by.  This is a comparison between the costs of things in December, 2019 and August, 2022.  Take a look and then compare these facts versus what your government tells you.

  1. I grocery shop once a month, live alone and get the same staples every month.  In December, 2019 the receipt was $108.62.  I was careful to buy the same items at the same store August 30, 2022.  The receipt was $216.43.  The cost of these groceries doubled.
  2. I get my gasoline at the same place every time. In December of 2019 the cost per gallon was $1.83.  The same gas at the same location on August 30, 2022 was $3.86.  The cost of this item doubled. 
  3. We have chickens and some livestock. Supplemental feed is essential.  The purchase of this supplemental feed, the same items in December, 2019 was $12 per hundred lbs. In August of 2022 the same item at the same store was $19.  The cost was 33% higher.

I’m not a math genius but it seems to me the cost of living has almost doubled while the government tells us it hasn’t. 

As the saying goes, “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”.

What do you think?

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