There is no need for ‘prophecy’ here. They are simple ‘foreseeings’ gained when we go beyond our physical frequency of consciousness.  And, the eventual events of the human collective are like a river’s flow.  It has its course of eventuality as it exists at any moment; yet, its course can be changed by the slightest events, like a log fallen in the water’s path, altering the flow of events.  We all know of rivers that have moved or changed their path over time due to any number of altering events.  So it is with the course of humanity.  Fatalism, predestined ideology, renders the entire purpose of life futile and with no realistic purpose.

The following was first drawn in 1971 as a result of a long transcendence.  It is here presented in its’ original form. It depicts the ununited North America divided into approximately 12 separate entities. You can interpret this content as you will.  Ultimately, I hope the author is wrong and we have altered the course of things.  At present, it appears we have not.

Map of ununited America

Demise of a United America

Clay Howard  (The Universal Infidel)

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