It was in the early 1970s that we suddenly had a federal department of education.  Most of us, at that time, knew it was to become an instrument of indoctrination as much, or more, than education.  As colleges and universities installed ‘entitlements’’ where professors could now spend their work-life unaccountable and able to install their little ’bubbles of paradigm’ into the minds of generations of students, an entire culture of educated ‘dilutionals’ manifested.

From within this ‘dilutional’ populous sprouted the weakest of intellect under the paradox of assuming they were the ‘intellectual’.  The terms ‘liberal’ and ‘open-minded’ became labels of the greatest contradictions….as, in reality, these creatures were, and are today, the most narrow-minded and intolerant.

This phenomenon is a hybrid form of fascism manifesting in politics and virtually all elements of social structure.  In itself, it is no different, in approach and objectives, than that of religions whereby they are the only path to a worthy existence and all those who do not follow them are of lesser value…. even expendable.

As much as certain sectors of human society try, “you can’t fool Mother Nature”.  As life is a matter of cycles, the oddities and illusions of our cultures (and subcultures) will soon diminish as events come full circle.  Cultural historians will look back and scratch their heads attempting to provide a rational explanation for ‘what those people were thinking’.

But, for the moment, we standby and watch generations of folks intoxicated with the need to be trendzy in the most intimate aspects of their lives; and, in the paradox of assuming they are ‘open-minded’ while condemning those who can see how mindless they really are.

Here are a few items you can consider regarding your own mind and you, as a product, of ‘education’.  Just for fun… judge yourself on how ‘tolerant’ you are of me.

  • Education and Intelligence are not necessarily synonymous. Knowing the difference between education and indoctrination requires the intuitive mind too often lacking.
  • Education produces curiosity and humility as it makes us aware of how little we really know. Indoctrination produces rigidity as it is a conclusion with the vanity of conclusivism and exclusivism.
  • “When I escaped from my ‘education’ I found ‘emancipation’.
  • It is good to read; but, in an aloof fashion. Our mind must remain free to have its own thoughts.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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