Clay’s Story

Clay Howard was born and raised on a rural farm in the Ozark hills of America.  Much of his childhood consisted of farm work and long, quiet times in the forests.  As a young man, his journey was not so ‘quiet’.  First, inadvertently assigned to an international expeditionary brigade in the Indo-China conflict. Then, a great diversity of experiences as a laborer, stonemason, carpenter, cook, minister, communications engineering, and many more.  He describes his life as ‘experiential’… gaining empathy with humanity.

His lifetime has been devoted to studies, in academia and independently, in social anthropology, history, world religions, international politics, physics, metaphysics,  organic sciences, the worlds’ philosophies.

Over the decades he has been very involved in social and humanitarian purposes, e.g.

  • Participated in the founding of OATS (Older Adult Transportation Services).
  • Appointed as the youngest member of the World Council of Religions.
  • Supporter of the Hagen House for inner-city homeless children.
  • Senior citizen housing projects.
  • Contributor and volunteer in the founding of Family Crisis Centers.
  • Director of summer camp programs in two states.
  • Summer baseball/softball coaching.
  • Initiated independent volunteer Rural Food Delivery for the rural elderly.
  • Instructor and mentor of meditative and transcendental meditation disciplines.
  • And, much more.

Clay Howard remains a ‘quiet’, reclusive, unpretentious writer in his elder years.  He is not interested in notoriety.  Nor has he ever been interested in mainstream publishing of his literary works. The publishing and availability of the works of this prolific writer is the result of mandates given to him as contributor to the new era of spiritual liberation and enlightenment.

To help you find your place in this journey, begin with ‘From the Inside Looking In’.  You will find it in this website’s Book Store.


Clay Howard

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