A list of comments

  • There is an irony in living so long. One can see more clearly how a society of people can be so indoctrinated, weak and shallow; and haven’t a clue what they have become.
  • Will Rogers once said, “we have the best politicians money can buy”. How true it is. Yet, he may have overlooked another side of it. “Politicians have the best voter-public their money can buy”. It is an undeniable reality we are a mercenary democracy…in general, the individual’s vote is for sale to the highest bidder able to grease their wallets.
  • Public education, managed by a centralized government, is nothing less than an indoctrination tool under the long-term management of a global oligarchy. We no longer know the difference between education and indoctrination. The relentless and subtle agenda of this devious plan is to slowly introduce the most absurd idealisms into generations of minds; and, with the intent of total control of what the individual thinks and acts.
  • To achieve this control of the mass population, the issues of distraction and perpetuation of fears are devices utilized by agencies of government: thus, implementing detailed mandates the sheep will oblige. It is a step toward more control of the populous mind.
  • Media have been systematically under the control of the oligarchy of global rule. Any form of deviance from this agenda is villainized. The populous will yield to this propaganda and oblige it. Use of terminology that diverts attention from its own devious nature will be, and is, a tool for the mind control of the populous.
  • Even the words you are now reading are under the scrutiny of these censorship devices; and will delete it from the www if ‘keywording’ and other criteria declares it contrary to the agenda. ALL, not just some, of these www services are part of this agenda. Those who appear to be apart from it are a ‘pacifying instrument’, allowing for the venting and conspiracies to flaunt themselves before an eager yet paralyzed audience, pacified with their mutual ventings.
  • Don’t think, for a minute, evil is stupid. It is always at least one step ahead of you.

The good news

(As declared by the mentors who have counseled me from my birth)

  • First, ‘wokeness’ is a weak and fabricated diversion profiting an arrogant few at the expense of a feeble-minded many. It will soon be seen for what it is and fade away.
  • The anarchy of the moment will be subdued; and, the organic order of family, civil conduct and individual responsibility and accountability will take its place.
  • The global oligarchy and its affiliates will soon find its agenda to be unmanageable and will be persecuted in a ruthless manner to rid and purge our planet of its evils.
  • Our expanding awareness of a universe that thinks, a life of ultimate mind is in everything, including the very core of us and all things, will make our religions seem pagan and frivolous and be replaced by a more universal awareness of our commonality and common soul.
  • All the present frivolities of politics, religion, gender insecurities and parasitic attitudes will find themselves in a void, a place whereby they are forced to redefine themselves for a better common and individual soul. Within this transition will be the retainment of the dignity and essential purpose of a ‘gender balanced family’ and its contribution to a civilized species.
  • As the human becomes aware and no longer denies the reality of many species from many planets within the perimeters of our galaxies are here, aware of us, contribute for the good and bad within us, we will be fearful yet yielding to an awareness of life and life conduct far beyond our encaged past and present awareness. This eventuality is what is now called ‘THE AWAKENING’.
  • The present powers hold-on in desperation and with the tools of fear and the divisiveness of bigotries. Yet, there will be an ‘awakened’ awareness of these tools among the masses and their desperations will soon fail .

What’s Next?

In the course of these transitional and turbulent times there are those who will make every effort to prevent our extinction, within their protocol.

  • It is foreseen there will no longer be the ridged definitions of political, economic and religious life. It will be a blend of many things that address the dignity of the individual while also addressing the needs of the commonwealth of each society.
  • Governments and theocracies will no longer exist as we now know them to be.
  • Dogmatics will be replaced by spiritually based ethics.
  • The irony will be that an individual lacking the inner integrity to be an ethical and self-reliant individual within a very liberated world will not have an acceptable place within the society he/she resides. This will be, and is, a dilemma faced by all cultures and species throughout the galaxies. Each will address it in its own way.
  • When a total society, again, a TOTAL society, is equally accountable and responsible for the civil conduct and actions of each individual, that society will have liberty for each while accountability for each. This is the principle on which many civilizations have functioned for countless eons throughout the galaxies.
  • An enlightened species exists on the axiom of universal respect. Whatever an individual’s aptitude and function, it is universally understood each individual is essential and relevant to all matters of the society. Egos and vanities are not in their vocabulary or thought processing. An innate respect for each individual is there without thought or consideration. It is, within our present vocabulary, a total ‘respectful fellowship’.

Personal comments

Very few people know or even care that I have been mentored by an alien species since I was 7 years of age. For me, personally, it has been both a blessing and a curse, or burden. Most often, this Jaw Wag commentary is a direct paraphrase of and from these ‘alien’ mentors. It will do the reader well to give these commentaries room for honest consideration and share them whenever you feel they have value to others.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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