A ‘mind-quote’ from the alien mentor

Item 1. “ We are not what and who we think we are.  First, we are not a natural part of the planet Earth.  We are ‘implants’.  From this one statement, we can accept or reject the reality of one of our purposes for being ‘planted’ on this planet.  It is to, hopefully, become a creature relent upon adapting to a life in harmony with each other and with the nature of this planet and the ‘life-soul’ it possesses.

Item 2. You have always existed.  Our ‘life-consciousness’ is ‘immortal’, timeless, unending, imperishable, a part (or fragment) of an Infinite Consciousness.

Item 3.  All things are occupied, totally and in manifest form, by this Infinite Consciousness.  It is an Omniscient presence in every particle and fragment of all space and time.  You are inseparably a part of this Consciousness.  You need not search for it.  It is the total of you already.

Item 4.  The prime objective of this era of human life on this planet is to develop a consciousness capable of grasping the realities of infinity, eternity, the endlessness of ‘life consciousness’.  You have no beginning or end.

Item 5.  Relevant to item 4, this accomplishment will forego the small and limited dogmas of religions; and, the inhumanities they create.  Universal/spiritual awareness must take their place.

Item 6.  The universe is infinite, without end.  Within the universe is life most abundant….all with purposes most unique and within the intentions of a Consciousness we cannot yet comprehend.  You have your purposes.  Fulfill them well.

Item 7.  To accomplish a transition from repetitive manifestations (rebirths on this planet) and graduate into a higher state of life, each person must forego the ‘escapisms’ of the dark ages.  To this, acknowledge a total and inescapable responsibility and accountability for every moment and act of your life.  There are no sacrificial lambs to appease your little gods.  You are entirely accountable for yourself.

Item 8.  Knowledge is a gift.  It is a choice as to how to use it.  The choice has been provided four times to your species on this planet.  Each, to date, has been a virtual extinction of your species, and that of many countless more.  This is your era of opportunity, and the choices are yours to make.  Nothing or no-one will make them for you.”

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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