Until the human creature unanimously decides enough is enough we are destined to keep repeating ourselves as a creature.  History, as people are exposed to it, is mostly biased and selective.  To make this point, consider our present capacity to actually see and hear an event in real-time, via our technical media.  Millions of people see it at the same time.  Yet, you will find millions of different opinions of what was seen.

We can go back in time and only see what someone wanted others to see.  History is selective.

As a ‘history buff’, it is apparent we are victims of ‘historical selectivity’.  We assume we are becoming more civilized and intelligent while it may well be we are going in the opposite direction and not know it.  Today, the human world is facing global wars, internally within nations and between nations, while we self-indulge ourselves in ‘selfies’ and materialism.  The candor could go on; but, to the point.

Go to your search bar and begin a soul-searching insight into our most recent past… look at the wars, conflicts and genocides of the past century.  It includes far more than the simpleton awareness of most people. Even this statistical document is an underestimation, based only on data provided by governments and other researchers with limitations.  In reality, the totals and data within these documents should be doubled to provide a more authentic total.

For those who dare, take a look at the ‘known wars and genocides’ of the century prior to the last.

Search bar:  All Wars of the Twentieth Century

See for yourself.  Then, look around you and at the present world in general.  Then ask yourself “Are we getting any better?”

This comment was dictated to me by the Alien Mentors; and, it justifies why they are reluctant to be involved, directly, with the human creature.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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