Blog #2. Getting to the Point.

There are still a few people that believe the world is flat. It was only about 600 years ago that the European world began to realize it wasn’t. It is actually round. No one is certain how many (perhaps) thousands of years most of the world’s humans already knew it was round.

So, it depends upon what culture you live in and the time in which you live as to what you see the world, and reality, to be. Then, after a lifetime of thinking one thing we are faced with setting it aside as reality shows its awesome face. Today, we are facing a lot of conflicts between ‘sincere assumptions’ and ‘stark realities’. In many ways, we can no longer think small or too rigid about anything….even our religions.

Yes, it is disheartening to realize many of our most idealistic ‘assumptions’ regarding life and our gods have been a bit too small and narrow, even unrealistically self-righteous. Then, again, anyone who has had the slightest degree of history will realize the demarcations of events are that of wars, and, directly or indirectly, the root cause has been some individuals or groups’ religious ordainment.

The idea of war is becoming less appealing. We now have, from a variety of nations, the ability to eliminate ourselves and all living things on this planet. Our existence hangs by a thread. So, it is not audacious to present some harsh realities; and, in doing so, provide stimulation, food for thought, consideration of the value of life and its, truly, yet unknown purpose.

The following are simple realities most folks have (or should have) already considered.

A Few Realities

Category One

1. The universe in which we live has no end. We cannot comprehend this statement. It is far beyond our capacity to imagine.
2. If there is a ‘Creator’, It has no end. Again, we cannot comprehend this statement. It is far beyond our capacity to imagine.
3. Eternity is a word used to imply ‘time has no beginning or end’. We can say it but we cannot comprehend it.
4. If there is a ‘Creator’, It has no beginning or end, in the measure of Time. (I’ll leave this to your imagination….assuming you wish to try to imagine it.)
5. We exist on a beautiful little planet so small it could not be seen from anywhere in our own galaxy. Even this single thought can humble us.
6. There are no survivors. Everything that has ever lived here and living here now, or ever will live here, will not survive. By this, each living thing, including you and I, is temporary.
7. The universe, and its Creator, is not ‘Static’. ‘Static’ means stationary, not changing or moving. Any eye and mind that is open can see that all things, on this planet and throughout the universe, are in constant change. Change is the only constant.
8. Nothing comes from Nothing. Where did all this ‘stuff’ come from that made all these things in the universe? Did you ever consider that it may all be ‘The Creator’?
9. Did you just happen out of nowhere? As with most conclusions of history, in virtually all civilizations of the past and present, LIFE did not come from nothing. It (you) has always existed and always will.
10. Why do we assume we are not a precious part of ‘the Creator in progress’ and there is only one Universe? Most of humanity has always assumed and concluded and experienced, in varying degrees, the embodiment of an omnipresence of the ‘God-self’ and multi-dimensional universes.

Category 2

1. Fear of the Unknown. Did you know before you were born what you were getting into? Of course not (at least, consciously).
2. Meanwhile, do you know why you are here; and, even exist? Here is where ‘assumptions and reality’ struggle with each other.
3. Where is the end of it? As death is the one certainty, all living things will experience what happens after death. Again, ‘assumptions and reality’ struggle with each other. Again, it is a Fear of the Unknown.
4. Trying to be special. Fear, uncertainty and a need to be special are driving forces for the human to create some form of ‘religion’, paradigm of structured thinking to justify our existence and favored place with a god.
5. Unfortunately, these efforts always make life, purpose, destiny and our gods far too small. Our limitations are yet incapable of comprehending the ‘limitless reality’.
6. Fear does a double-play. Fear is a weakness and essential evil as it not only forms structured religions to justify our existence but also justifies our persecution, alienation and inhumanity toward those who do not comply with these structures. Real history, and this present time, demonstrates this singular fact about the human creature.

The Justified Infidel

The above items are our reality. To question these religious structures does not imply the questioner is without a faith, a spiritual nature, or out to destroy a religion. It simply implies that this person can comprehend the contradictions, hypocrisies and ‘smallness’ within them.

The word ‘Infidel’ simply means ‘a non-believer’. Surely, any person can find within all religions the essence of what is a good spiritual person. With this in mind, I (for example) can honestly say I am of any and all religions, in principle, but not in doctrine. There is a huge difference.

Without intentions to demean, there are also the insights that religions (as a whole) are not structures for enlightenment, progression of the ‘soul’ or expanded awareness of the mysteries of our existence. On the contrary. Religions are mental and spiritual prisons holding the individual in the irons of rigid orthodoxy. It is the sole instrument of a religions’ survival; and the theocratic bureaucracy and industry that depends upon its survival.

The concept of freedom is not just one of politics. It applies to our quest to become more aware of the mysteries of our existence. And, this freedom requires an element of respect from such an individual. If someone still wants to believe the world is flat, so be it; as long as the ‘flat-earth’ person does not persecute someone who is willing to accept the reality that the world is round. This simple example applies to the entire spectrum of how we allow our multitudes to live in a manner of peace.

Whatever a persons’ religion, or lack of it, be aware there are billions of our fellow humans who do not believe the same way. So, by definition, you/we are all Infidels to billions of other folks. To become aware of this simple reality is a monumental step towards a more mature and spiritual humanity.

This Blog is for anyone, of any religion or lack of one, who is willing to consider the great variety of commentaries to come.


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