In 2022 there were a documented 46,000 traffic fatalities in America.  Yet, no one even dares to make this a public statement while the issue of guns in America takes precedence.  Isn’t that interesting?  Why?

Just like guns, the vehicle does not kill people.  People kill each other with vehicles and guns.  Do we make vehicles an issue regarding the 2nd amendment?  Of course not.  It is too personal and involves everyone.  Poor judgment, immature behavior, impetuses, and the overall psychosis of human congestion, all have contributed to the fact that we kill each other with this weapon called ‘the vehicle’.  And, whether we are capable of grasping it or not, the automobile, truck, or whatever we are driving on the public rights of way, is a weapon.  It can and will kill anything or anyone in its path.  It only requires a single moment of singular or mutual carelessness.

The gun, on the other hand, is not as dangerous.  It is only lethal when managed by the ignorant or by some emotional or deliberate intention of a person.  Otherwise, it is benign, docile, and harmless.  A gun is no more than a knife or sword or arrow or poison or any other artifact with useful or harmful purposes.  Why this reality is not presented in its pragmatic form for the society of humans must have a deliberate agenda. Is it simply a mis-directional effort for the purpose of disarming a populous and making them more helpless in defending themselves against the powers that intend to subvert the human race?  It is a legitimate question.

The power of the pen is real, but the power of censoring the pen is more powerful.  The ability to direct the minds of a populous to issues perverted and misdirected is the real power, today.  In a society such as America, it is not an issue of guns or the second amendment so wisely established by our forefathers.  It is that we, as a few generations of spoiled and idealist people, have allowed, perpetuated, and nurtured a posterity of mentally and emotionally deranged people.

Yes, it is a mental, emotional, and spiritual phenomenon to which we, as a people, are so unwilling to admit.  Religiously, politically, parentally, educationally, domestically, and spiritually we have created this audacity.  There should not be a pointing of fingers; rather, a cold-hearted admittance to the failures of the past and the courage to face the responsibilities of the present and future.

Of course, this is a statement in generalities.  The specifics, the details, and the demographic realities are far more painful.  Here is where we face more realities few are willing to address in a pragmatic, realistic manner.  Perhaps that day will come.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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