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It’s Hard to Stop a Train

The previous posting created some serious responses, calling it ‘dark’, ‘negative’.  To be clear, this was an itemized comment from those who are not indigenous to this planet.  The essence of this input is simply what will occur if the present course of events, the...

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A Private Audit

Of course, we all know governments never lie.  But, something didn’t seem right as I/we were presented with the data regarding inflation lately.  So, here’s my take. Being obviously a little eccentric, I keep my grocery lists and receipts, also receipts on fuel and...

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Sammy Davis Jr – The Candy Man

As we are in turbulent times and these are just the beginnings, it is worthwhile to insert a precious song by Sammy Davis. Jr. Some may not know of him. He was a wonderful black man enduring much and most loved by many. His life, conduct, attitude, how he lived among...

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Preface:  This is somewhat lengthy, but intentionally.  The ‘Mentors’ have instructed it to be so.  There is a lot being said/written regarding these moments in our planet’s transition.  However, it has been mostly in a language and manner most ‘common folk’ reject or...

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Meditation Without Yoga

There is a history behind the practiced position of Yoga.  It has its benefits but not the reason for its origin.  You can meditate wonderfully and with the same results without the stress of the traditional and fashionable physical positioning. From the ‘upstart’ the...

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Fix One Thing, Break Another

We are creatures of irony.  This applies to most things; but, for this moment, the fashionable fixes to the energy demands are the subject. One, the concept of solar panels to produce electrical power seems novice and a great idea.  Meanwhile, no one considers the...

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We’ve Been Around

A love poem from 1972 describing the experiences of two souls over multiple lifetimes, as animate and inanimate incarnations, forever connected. I was once a rock, A drop of water, A hickory shell, A rose, a lemon tree, A maple in New England, A ball of cotton in...

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“I will be with you always as your path prepares you for useful things.  It is a pleasure to be with you in these moments of The World Council of Religions. Our higher soul is with us and there will be light to guide us to a world of peace. To this, never waiver, my brother.” Kirpal Singh Ji. Founder of the World Council of Religions.   Master of the Sikhs.

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