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The Invasive Evil

When someone invades your home and eats your food, and you pay for everything, it does seem to be unseemly.  When the government tells you it’s okay and gives them taxpayer support and an ID so they can exercise the same rights as you, it seems even more unseemly. ...

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Our Finest Vanity

An excerpt from the book ‘Loam of Leaves’.  Read it slowly and ponder the difference between the shallow and the deep in this, our present time, and humanity’s ‘War of Minds’. Our Finest Vanity  (1984) There are those days,Those idle days,When the sky paints greyThe...

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Carbon Expendable

An excerpt from ‘Carbon Expendable and the Alpha Mega Writs’.  First composed in 1967. As we now find ourselves in a foreseen, but unprecedented, world of violence and inhumanity, this verse (written so long ago) seems most relevant. Carbon Expendable and the Alpha...

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Animism and a Living Universe (1981)

(A response to an inquiry) Animism is defined in many ways but the essence of Animism is the belief that life, or consciousness, exists in all things. Life, as we can make the effort to define it, is not separate from matter; rather, matter is life also and possess a...

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A Kingdom of Conscience

(An excerpt from ‘The War of Minds’. 1977.) First published in The American Editorial Free Press…1996. They say timing is everything, yet, in most cases, we are always at least one day late. Late or not, the power behind ‘courage’ has more impact than we may think.  ...

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Utopian Paradoxes

Demise by the Pursuit of Perfection - Clay Howard, 1984 The only real problem with civilizations lies in the fact they are full of people.  So, when we pursue a perfect world for an entirely imperfect creature the paradoxes of complexity instantly and continually...

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Our Webs and Contributions  (1968)

Our Webs and Contributions  (1968) Excerpt; ‘From the Inside Looking In’.  Clay Howard “What webs we weave in the course of timeAs paths of lives intertwineAs though intendedThat events can be mended,Resolved, held dear;And, from each junction and each threadThe...

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S.O.S. (School Of Trades)

Trades and Skills are the essential core of humanity. Not a single thing we wear, tool we use, every item in our home and life, everything, is a product of countless skills and trades we would never have imagined. Yet, in most cultures, these most important people are...

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Compassion, Tolerance and Reality

When is something destructive and unacceptable but requires a compassionate understanding? This is a delicate line to walk. Allowing compassion to negate action in confronting a negative force only allows for greater or fatal destruction. This dilemma has,...

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March 20, 1854

In the Congregational church at Ripon, Wisconsin, the Republican party was formed to combat the expansion of slavery in the western states and territories.  The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln. It is odd the American public has so little understanding...

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“Thank you for your friendship, youthful counsel and those moments when our minds worked its mysteries.  As a clinical minded man it is not often I see such empathetic depth in the poet.  I see this in you.” Harold Sherman. Founder of the Foundation for Psychic Research and Physic Healing.

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