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WIGI (WOKE Identity Gender Index)

Warning:  You may have impulsive descriptive adjectives as you review this index.  The Ministry of Truth is listening, as well as the person next to you.  Incorrect ‘Identity References’ on your part are subject to prosecution whereby you are assumed gender ignorant...

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Global Karma

“What webs we weave” is not just a cliché. Life is a web weaved by the course of events, individually and collectively, as we act and interact. Karma is no different than the law of physics (action and reaction), the biblical law of “sowing and reaping” and many...

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The Time of Perpetual Energy is Coming

Imagine a time when self-sustaining, perpetual energy generation systems will power everything.  The time is soon coming when oil, solar, wind, and all the alternatives of the marketplace will no longer be needed for electrical power.  The time will come, soon, when...

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Math and Economics.  (101)

If there is a pure science, it is math.  Math will not lie.  It is stoic and honest.  Yet, humans can lie with math.  Manipulating the axioms in order to achieve a predetermined objective and/or in a manner to misrepresent for desired impressions versus reality is a...

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About Education

It was in the early 1970s that we suddenly had a federal department of education.  Most of us, at that time, knew it was to become an instrument of indoctrination as much, or more, than education.  As colleges and universities installed ‘entitlements’’ where...

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Comments on this Blog

Part 1 Late Confessions And Purpose Have you had things happen in your early childhood and, perhaps, periodically during your life, that were so ‘out of sync’ with the normality of social views you kept it subdued and private?  Most people can relate to that.  This...

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The Solo Infidel

The premise is based upon mandates from those we call ‘Aliens’.  These mandates are directives that I carefully make certain a YouTube or any other platform be as “individualized’, singular, non-associated as possible. What does this imply? It means something like...

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 Yes, I Remember You

Yes, I Remember You.  (1970)  Clay Howard Yes, I remember you. It was in those early wisps Of consciousness, Long before the galaxies Made order of light Within the dark mind Of an awakening god. And, within such a gods’ dream There came those countless lifelettes,...

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“It’s difficult to imagine you as a minister as you seem so ‘average’ and unassuming.  Your time and effort with the children at Hagen House inspires me and keeps my faith in good works.” Thor Hagen.  Retired wrestler and founder of the Hagen House for Homeless Kids.  K.C., Missouri.

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