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A Nanosecond Away

In an instant, so brief it is a fractional piece of a frail moment, we are here and then we are not.  That does not mean we do not still exist, however.  It can happen in a conscious effort or an inevitable moment of what we call death. Slowly but surely, the human...

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The Wokedemic

A number of years, past, the ‘Mentors’ spoke of a ‘mindset’ enveloping the planet and most effectual to the human consciousness.  According to the ‘Mentors’, this ‘conscious force’  has been focused upon this planet for many millennia and slowly manifested in...

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Way of the Womb

(the Jihad By agenda.  First written in 1988.) Jihad has a long-term agenda being fulfilled in our present-day world of migration, immigration and turmoil.  It is simple.  Dominance by way of the womb.  Moving people into a variety of locations around the planet who...

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Mr Johnson Goes To Washington

It reminds us of a classic film ‘Mr. Smith goes to Washington’, starring Jimmy Stewart.  If you have never seen this film it would be great if you do now.  The parallelisms will be similar. Mike Johnson is not typical of those in our federal congress.  He...

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The Solution Paradox

The above is an image of the original publication. Here is the Text Version – please feel free to share it. Not so long ago, in a place not so far away, the planet earth was at total war. Then, as this war ended, the world leaders gathered to create a...

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Branches of the Same Tree

The above is an image of the original publication.Here is the Text Version – please feel free to share it.When a tree has the same roots and the main trunk begins to rise it depends upon the manner of the limbs for the light and chemistry that will help it flourish....

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THE AMERICAN WAY – Don’t be Afraid

The above is an image of the original publication.Here is the Text Version – please feel free to share it.The 90 Year ReflectionIt was 90 years ago, in 1933, that Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. His Democratic Socialist party gained control of the assembly by...

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Odes to a Young Man

A Postlude Alas, if in your latter days The stars still shine Above your head, The moon is a halo For foliaged hills And a lazy stream Captivates your dreamy mind; If dewy dawns are your risings’ sted and feeble hands are scared with yesterdays’ labored dignity; and...

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When Does Immigration Become Invasion?

The above is an image of the original publication.Here is the Text Version – please feel free to share it.(A segment of the commentary written in 1987 and first published in The American Editorial Free Press in 1995.)IThe first thing America, as a people, must do is...

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Thanks for the opportunity to read The Universal Infidel. I’m right there with you on the necessity of letting go of much of our religious heritage in order to experience true enlightenments. Keep putting this message out into the world. We need to hear it again and again.
Oklahoma. USA

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