We’ve been around – a poem

We’ve Been Around   (1972) I was once a rock, A drop of water, A hickory shell, A rose, a lemon tree, A maple in New England, A ball of cotton in Alabama.   I’ve been dust racing tumbleweeds Across the Oklahoma flats And settled in Arkansas; An  acorn popping in...

When True Birds Fly

As a bird in flight, Much is lost along the way…. A feather here and there, A moment in each day. When we could have been Or could have done…. When we may have lost But could have won.   The dare is in the flight. The worth is in the dare. And, the measure of our...

 Yes, I Remember You

Yes, I Remember You.  (1970)  Clay Howard Yes, I remember you. It was in those early wisps Of consciousness, Long before the galaxies Made order of light Within the dark mind Of an awakening god. And, within such a gods’ dream There came those countless lifelettes,...

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