Ponderances about our Gods

Before this commentary even begins to begin, it is important anyone who would venture into this commentary know I have a firm and undeniable awareness of a ‘God’. Now, what is ‘God’?  How do we perceive this ‘God’?  What makes us construct the imaginings of what, and...

The More I Know

The more I know, the more I know I don’t know. This is a humbling thought.  For those who are of a curious and open mind about the mystery of our existence it is a stark reality, but welcomed.  It comes down to a matter of confidence in our existence, whatever the...

The Great Believer

What is A Universal Infidel? One who believes there is an infinite and timeless Creator and the infinite universe is the Creator’s embodiment; who believes in the intimate omnipresence of the Creator as the inseparable embodiment of all things; who believes in...

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