The Fifth Transition

A Mentor’s Statement “Just as the planet earth is designed to rotate and circle the sun in a succinct pattern, in coordination with the other planets of this galaxy, the ‘frequencies’ on which they are sustained also have a succinct pattern of timetable and response...

Founding of the Republican Party

American Editorial Free Press Founded:1994 thru 1997 ✭✭✭ The Patriot Infidel ✭✭✭    This Edition: 3/20/23 March 20, 1854.  The Republican Party was formed to oppose expansion of slavery in the remaining territories and states.  The meeting and chartering was held at...

A Transcendent Vision

There is no need for ‘prophecy’ here. They are simple ‘foreseeings’ gained when we go beyond our physical frequency of consciousness.  And, the eventual events of the human collective are like a river’s flow.  It has its course of eventuality as it exists at any...

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