Don’t be Afraid! Stand up!

Early this year, George Allen Kelly, a rancher Near Nogales on the southern border of Arizona (USA), is presumed to kill an illegal immigrant.  He will plead self-defense.  For years, he and his family have been inundated with people crossing the border.  He has been...

The Flatulent Bug

There is a very wise old saying “your real power lies in what you can live without”.  The totalitarian socialists in America are wise to that.  Here is the real story. First, what is natural gas?  It is methane.  Where does methane come from? As organic material is...

Reparations? Where do we begin?

(Commentary on global accountability) Far too often people invent a cause, a purpose, with anger and resentments molded in a fixed little world of ideas implanted in their minds, without ever looking far enough to know what the hell they are talking about. The current...

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