She was a mother of three young children and lived in a peaceful little community in Northeast Oklahoma.  Her husband injured himself and was scheduled for back surgery.  She searched the internet for an opportunity to provide some income for the family and be able to stay home with her children.  She was eight months pregnant.

In due time, she responded to, and corresponded with, an advertisement advertising ‘at home work for mothers’.  She was invited to meet for an interview and did so.  A friendly couple from Missouri met with her and drove her to southwest Missouri, shot her in the head, and removed her fetal child.

A few days later the couple called for an ambulance because the infant was not doing well.  Detectives did some research and found it was not their child and this ‘couple’ is now awaiting charges of murder and more.

Now, the combined number of children affected by this insanity is seven.  They will either be orphans or raised in a situation of trauma they will overcome or not.  A father is faced with circumstances and feelings none of us can imagine.  The legal and court system will be inundated with the games lawyers play.  The consequences of the actions of two deranged people will be felt, in some form or another, for generations to come.  And, this is only one event among countless ones.

What is the point to this commentary?  It is explicit and candid.  As much as we all love the idealisms, the fantasies, the idyllic little worlds we create and share on the internet, our poetry, our whimsies of a beautiful world and utopias, there is a real world out there.  It is not so pretty.  Never has been and will not be for the foreseeable future.

The challenge.  Reality is something to face and know.  It is the awareness of reality that provides the inner and outer weapons by which we make a better world.  Those who avoid realties are the perpetrators of weakness and become subtle servants to our greater evils; and, with the illusion of self-righteous ‘tolerance’.  As we aspire to a great ‘awakening’ we can easily ignore the responsibilities and accountabilities that come with it.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)




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