It was not until 1979 that satellite systems began to accumulate data on weather and temperatures on a global scale.  Prior to that time, the planet had many brief periods of fluxes in temperature.  It is totally presumptuous of so-called ‘experts’ to declare this moment in global history as the hottest in 225,000 years.  The polite wordage is ‘hype’ but on the streets of the real world we call it BS.

Weather is one among numerous new frontiers of ‘science’, and it is no different from any other ‘industry’.  Hyperbole gets more attention and money.  Yes, we are in a cycle of more radiation from the sun; and, it will warm us more than we are accustomed to in our short little lives.  Some of us have actually lived long enough to know how this ‘hype’ is exaggerated nonsense.

It was around the year 1955.  The grass was so hot it would melt the rubber soles of shoes.  Folks slept outside, in ‘breezeways’ at night.  Wetting our clothes helped if we stayed in the shade.  To be wet in the sunlight would only make hot water and one would radiate steam.  The temperature gauges, in the shade, rose to 115 degrees, at times, during the day and a good night was around 95 to 100 degrees.

A small river ran through the county that never went dry.  At that time, it was fed by many springs… springs that are now gone as the water table has fallen.  This river became a dry gravel bed except for a few pools where the underground water flow was on top of hard limestone.  One such pool was near our small town and all the folks in town and surrounding farms used barrels to fill and take home.  The only way to keep any livestock alive was to transport these barrels of water to the farms.  This was done mostly at night because the trucks would overheat during the day.

Much of the forests died.  For many years later, dead trees dominated the landscape.  The smell of dead animals lingered, even into the winter.  The scent was everywhere.  It was a good year for flies.

This may all sound like fiction but it is a fact because I lived it.  And, it was in the Ozarks of mid-America.  The motive for sharing this is simple….recognize the moment for what it is and endure it, but don’t allow a bunch of ‘experts’ on a salary dependent on ‘hype’ to micro-manage your mind and sensitivities to fear.  Tomorrow may not be as it once was but can always be a better day.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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