Part 1

Late Confessions And Purpose

Have you had things happen in your early childhood and, perhaps, periodically during your life, that were so ‘out of sync’ with the normality of social views you kept it subdued and private?  Most people can relate to that.  This little commentary is about such events that lingered quietly within me for a lifetime and now need to be shared as affably as possible.  Only if you have read the books ‘From the Inside Looking In’, ‘The Universal Infidel’ and ‘I Stand In Awe’ will you seriously understand the depth and purpose of this commentary.

In summation, for some reason, from my past lives, I was able to leave my body and travel in many different ways, from the time of my earth-birth.  From the age of 6 to 9, visits by what we want to call ‘aliens’ occurred virtually every month.  These ‘visits’ were directly physical and at a location I call ‘the valley of the springs’.  These ‘visits’ have since occurred during meditations.

The purpose of these ‘visits’ was only definable as I aged and experienced the world around me.  To be clear, I am not assuming myself to be a prophet or anything of authority, but it is a humbling responsibility assigned to me as a medium voice; and, this website, the texts (books), and other devices are methods of communicating some essential realities to those who are prepared to listen and respond intellectually and spiritually as they live their brief lives on this planet.

Everything is ‘spiritual’.  What does that mean?  Life is a perpetual consciousness.  So, nothing is above or without need of discussion and ‘self-considerations’. These commentaries/Jaw Wags are a mandate from those ‘visitors’, addressing real-life issues in the real world as it is today and how you/we will contribute to its worthy progression or demise.

Ultimately, true masters, true avatars, true messengers, and true teachers of the past and present are not indoctrinators.  They are ‘educators’.  Their purpose was to help the individual know how to think… not what to think.  Plato and Socrates, Buddha and Confucius, Jesus and Mohammad, and countless others, followed this principle of a free and perpetual consciousness in their missions.  It was those who took charge after them, void of the understanding of this principle, that the bigotries and rigidity of mankind have manifested.

Today, we see this battle of the minds throughout the world.  We are in a multi-leveled war of minds.  The commonality of these multi-faceted poles of consciousness is clear and simple.  It is a war for oppression of human consciousness versus liberty of human consciousness.  My mission is to address this conflict with object commentary that reinforces those universal principles of an honorable soul (life consciousness) that needs not the dictates of oppressiveness or undivine vanities.

These ‘universal principles’ are literally ‘universal’, lived innately by those who live in a peaceful manner throughout the universe.

Do not misinterpret this statement.  This does not give license or endorsement to fanatical movements, cults, censorships, and indoctrinations from the media and other platforms, religions, political entitlements of oppressions, destructive ideologies, and hypocrisies.  Liberty is not anarchy.  Liberty is responsibility and accountability.  This is the most personal mandate for every living human and one which is most denied.

Part 2

Tentative Preparations

Most of the human population accepts the reality we are not alone in the universe.  Of course, many civilizations in the past and present have long concluded, and experienced contact, with others from outside our planet; and, from those who have long lived on this planet in discreet ways.

As governments begin to be honest and transparent with this reality it enhances the degree of acceptance by the populace.  Even most religions are beginning to accept this fact though struggling to justify the traditional theologies of our exclusiveness (and the smallness of their god as they once viewed it).

Folks from other planets and imminent dimensions have interacted with humanity for many millennia, contributing to the many innovations and accomplishments that aided our progression as a species.  Note: Far too often the more savage spirit immerged and these events were entirely misinterpreted.  And, to be clear, not all ‘aliens’ are of worthy intentions.  This may be an issue to present at another time.

In all, the world is slowly preparing intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually for the public introduction of folks from other planets and within our planet.  These preparations are assisted by the future ‘visitors’.

Candidly, the majority of our planet’s population is not mature enough to accept the reality though they accept the concept.  We are an emotional species with a fear factor that is most dangerous; and, the threat the events will propose to those in power (and military minds) is a danger to any affable introduction.  Don’t think for a minute the ‘welcome mat’ will be rolled out at this point in time.  It may require more time than is desirable for the human race to come face to face with another planetary race.

Nonetheless, the efforts for preparing our species for this future event are essential.  As much as others have been provided with the technology, science, physics, medical and mechanical knowledge over the millennia, these are ‘tools’ allowing for the opportunity.  They are not the inner tools for a worthy humanity.   This must come from within us and manifest in our ‘perpetual consciousness’ (our spirituality) and reveal itself as a life of ‘Universal Principles’, manifested within the multitude.  We have a long way to go.

Within the texts/books available in the bookstore are the tutorials provided by the ‘visitors’ and mandated to me to present in that form and other forms as the opportunity arises.  There is nothing fancy, flamboyant, or dictatorial within them.  No fluff, no pretenses, just intimate substance.


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