When is something destructive and unacceptable but requires a compassionate understanding? This is a delicate line to walk. Allowing compassion to negate action in confronting a negative force only allows for greater or fatal destruction. This dilemma has, historically, paralyzed humans and allowed events to progress to the point it requires more severe action than was initially required.

As offensive as it may seem to many, Reality has its place in a society inundated with multiple forms of  sociopathic mentalities, and conventional/traditional institutions that have become managed by the mentally ill and fostered a generational decline in emotional and mental well-being.

  • From pre-school to Harvard the mental illness is self-evident.
  • From municipal governments to the White House, the inmates are in charge of the asylums.
  • From Hollywood to the internet, the subtle micromanagement of the human mind is a subliminal virus.
  • From the integrity of the family unit to the sexuality of our innate birthright is being disoriented into a degradation.
  • The core values of our religions have been polarized into the fanaticisms of extremist politics.
  • The worthiness of the individual is now measured by ones’ financial
  • A worthy concept of ‘equality in Justice’ is now a multileveled process of financial statement, social eliteness and who profits most.
  • The vivid line between Right and Wrong is now only decided by whether one is caught or not.
  • The measure by which a society or nation is sovereign is no longer defined as these collectives no longer have a defined identity.
  • Racism is more prejudiced as those who pretend to oppose racism become more racist.
  • ‘Journalism’ has become a profession of ‘media mercenaries’ and tools of political propaganda.
  • And, the list goes on in this, ‘The War of Minds’.

The ‘Self Analysis’

It matters not whether one believes in a ‘spiritual’ world or not. Simply believing life is an organic phenomenon and ends at death is a viable option of thought. What does matter, however, is what we, as human creatures, do with the time we have. How we think, what we value as those principles worthwhile for ourselves, the entirety of lifeforms and our posterities, is the essence and nectar of our time. Whether we like it or not, these principles are our only real value and go far beyond our self-indulgences and narcissisms.

The ’War of Minds’ is real. It is not new. The entire history of human consciousness has involved the individual and collective state of mind, the conflicts between them, and those who impose themselves upon a ‘collective of mind’. This is most self-evident today, as we are in a time of incredible capacities to influence the individual and collective consciousness.

As the mentally ill impose themselves upon societies it has the capacity to disarm those with an innate sense of principles. The concepts of compassion and tolerance are used by the mentally ill to make Reality an evil. Various forms of repetition convince a populace that a fundamental principle with purpose is bigotry. The paradox lies in the bigotry of the mentally ill who suffer illusions of righteousness while having no principles.

Ultimately, the analytical challenge is within us as individuals. Is our tolerance authentic or cowardly? Is our compassion a sincere sense of humanity or an appeasement to the sicknesses that inundate our world? Yes, these are hard and harsh questions few are honest enough with themselves to ask, much less honestly answer.

In Reality, these questions will have their conclusion, with or without us. The insane will overpower sanity and a dystopian asylum will rule our posterity, or the sane will overcome the mentally ill and restore the order of life, allowing our tolerance and compassion to be authentic.

The ‘foreseeings’ of long ago have come to fruition, and the era of ‘purging’ is imminent. As much as the word ‘Evil’ is not in my personal vocabulary, it must be called what it is. Universal principles will be at war with the evil of decadent minds and the mentally and emotionally ill. It will be a complex and diverse conflict with many names and objectives, and it will span decades of anarchy.

Reality has its place in the world of human events, just as it is in all matters of our universe, and must not be seen as a negative or gloomy view of life. Rather, a natural course of transitions from one era to another. This era of humanity has taken its course and reached its apex. What will transpire and what will emerge from the ashes is directly influenced by the individual and collective consciousness, now and in due course.

This era will have its unique elements of paradoxes. Intolerance of intolerance pretending to be tolerant, passion of principles will override compassion, clarity of individual thought will defy collective mental illness, institutions of family and genital integrity will demise institutions of perpetual insanity and delusional thought.

You and I will not be able to ‘straddle the fence’, be neutral, or appease those around us for fear of disenfranchisement. Knowing your ‘real truths’ and principles will reveal themselves whether we want them to or not. REALITY is not selective.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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