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We need some new conspiracy theories.

The old ones have all come true.

Conspiracy theories from the dark side.

(A Satire)  It seems the intrigue of conspiracy theories relies upon the negative, an assortment of devious plans by evil minds hiding in the bushes, stealing our prosperity in manipulative ways, managing our impoverishments with sugar candy and plotting to be the master race to us, as servants of their opulence’s and sick vanities. The irony is that most, if not all, of them are true: and, becoming more obvious and acknowledged than these ‘evils’ would like.

Perhaps one of the reasons they have done so well lies within the laws of ‘mind-energy’, whereby we feed and fuel these evils as we focus upon them.  The great fear of these evils is that we decide to ignore them and focus on the grand aspirations of a loving and peaceful humanity that has grown up and doesn’t need them anymore.

This does not imply we deny the realities of our human drama and the ‘dark side’ of these forces that dominate much of the human species.  Ignorance and denial are also the frames of mind empowering these evils.  In fact, the most powerful force against these ‘frauds of life’ is in them knowing we know; but we provide them with no credibility or fear or consideration.

Instead, we focus on those aspirations that deny them their power.  From the perspective of the ‘dark side’,  these more divine aspirations become their ‘conspiracy theories’

This commentary is a satirical hypothesis of the memos, conversations, warnings and threatening potentials the ‘dark side’ would profess to, and among those who are the manifested tools of their evils among the human species.  You may well have your own list but it will be similar.

‘Conspiracies to undermine our power over the human species’

“Our Fellows:  Greetings.  It is with great pleasure we commend one and all for our long-pursued absolute reign of power over the human species.  The many millennia of delicate manipulations have done well, as this erratic and mindless creature has complied with our intentions.

It has demonstrated its ability and willingness to execute the grandest atrocities upon itself in pursuit of a ‘better world’.  With each cycle, they prevail in an exemplary manner the intentions of our ultimate objective of total mind and soul control of Earth’s humanity.

Yet, there is a tenacious element within them that still holds close the aspirations of the greatest offense against us.  It is important we be aware of these aspirations, just as they have become aware of ours.  Take heed to these apparent indelible qualities as we go forward and they ‘conspire’ against us.”

  • In our efforts to provide a global capacity to communicate and dominate the ‘global conversation’ to our objectives, we find there remains a substantial portion of humans finding ways to subvert our efforts. Much of this ‘subversion’ is abetted by the introductions of the ideology of Democracy and Constitutional formats providing for individual dignity and freedom of choice.  These ‘conspiracies’ must be eliminated by all due resources.
  • Over many eras of the planet’s course, we have provided for those who have the power to motivate masses of humans to oblige the vanities of these chosen ones. Fear and allegiances to the fervor of these abstract vanities have done us well, as immense populations have submitted to these most worthy dictatorials.   Yet, again, there are those who question these agendas.  They assume the idea that one person’s vanities are not worthy of the sacrifices to oblige it.  If this form of ‘individualism of mind’ were to perpetuate, our just cause would be in jeopardy. 
  • In this era of human discourse, we have allowed and encouraged the concept of educating through a written language and the ability to provide these writings to the populus. The intention was to provide for a populus capable of receiving a more direct dictate of what to think and be and do.  Yet, this premise soon proved unwise as a greater number began to think more creatively, more individually.  In these recent times, we have managed to place our weakest minds into the educational systems of many nations.  The old and valid premise that ‘if you control the minds of the youth you control the future’ has worked well.  We have accomplished much in producing a dysfunctional, ‘educated zombie generation’ most useful in the intended demise of social, civilized integrity.  Yet, again, there remains a substantial portion of humans who understand our objectives and forthrightly oppose us.
    As they ‘conspire’ to provide alternatives to our indoctrination programs we must put forth all efforts, through the guilds of unions and our most indoctrinated flocks, to oppose these efforts that ‘conspire’ against us.
  • The greatest tool we have in this grand acquisition to control the human species lies within the humans’ innate weakness. From times beyond the humans’ known times, we have taken full advantage of this creature’s need for a well-defined solution to the mysteries of ‘life consciousness’.  It has been easy to install a myriad of religions; and by way of these inventions, and the primitive manner they interpret events along the way, we have managed to install the structures within the human mind most controllable, restricted, small, concise, narcissistic, conflicting, vain of spirit, receptive to the justified inhumanities it inflicts upon itself.  Again, there remains a large segment of this species unwilling to submit to these theocratic managements.
  • This ‘terrorism’ is an unorganized but substantial portion of the human species, relent upon exposing our agenda and aggressively confronting our legions of the ‘dark side’.  It is a ‘conspiracy’ of great proportions, threatening the structures of our well-established theocracies controlling essential portions of each society with the dogmatics we deem instrumental in our global dominance. This ‘conspiracy’ must be confronted with whatever methods are at our disposal. 
  • ‘Adversity is innate to diversity’. This simple reality has been our ‘bread and butter’ as we systematically divide and conquer civilizations, cultures and races.  With the most subtle means, we have managed to establish and perpetuate the ‘mindsets’ of prejudices and dominance as these diversities coexist and co-habitat in the same space and time.
    It is easy.  Racial dominance and exploitations within a race.  Racial prejudice between races.  One race blaming another for anything of the past.  These are ongoing tools for our agenda of ‘divide and conquer’; and a medium in which to breed innate hate.
    Still, there are large portions who refuse to see others in these divisive manners.  They conspire to encourage a color-blind world, free of the prejudices of cultural heritages.  We must make all efforts to prevent this force against the hate so essential.  
  • We have managed, in these most opportune times, to enchant the minds of the conspirators with the closed circles of conspiracy theories. Their obsessions are a delightful circle spinning within itself for their neutralized delights.  This is a great accomplishment that disarms and alienates a major populus from any threat.  Allow and encourage these ‘conspirators’ as they preoccupy themselves with their ‘conspiracy theories’.
  • We have managed to take advantage of the sentiments of hospitality and humanity to invade many nations and cultures with a ‘mind-mode’ totally contrary to the civility and social morality that also embraces a principle of individual liberty and sanctity. Our unwitting invaders will be this demise, in due time. 
    Those who are so severely aware of these intentions must be labeled with the most negative images possible.  Their propositions of a deep conspiracy, among politic and those of our special preferences, must be misconstrued and labeled as bigots, racists, tyrants, fascists and imaged as those of a lower mentality and selfish ignorance.
    In all, these ‘conspirators’ must be demeaned by all available media and institutions at our disposal.
  • We have managed well in the temporality of ‘democracies’. As in all events of human history, ‘democracy’ has been an event where the selfishness and greed of the masses manifest themselves and destroy democracies.  In these present times, this is proving to be the final ingredient to the demise of human liberty.  It humors us to witness the exploitations of the ‘conspiracy theories’ by all devices and networks and for all the profiting it can manage.  In this, the systems are so well designed as to be inescapable.  Yet, there are still those who make their stand based upon ‘principle’ rather than ‘profit’.  Their efforts are, by sheer nature of economics, weak and a frail voice in the sea of noise.  We need be diligent and not ignore these singular voices  as they can be the greatest terror to our course of human domination.”

Again, this is a ‘satire’, a serious one.  Few will read it and fewer will concede to its reality.  Yet, there are those who are so aware; and, they also can add to the conspiracies here noted.  Yes, they are a slight voice in the sea of noise but David was considered ‘slight’ as he stood before Goliath.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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