“A nation of debt will soon regret.”

Life is a spiritual experience. It is a state of conscious awareness that we exist.  How can anything we think and do not be exempt from the ‘experience’…..life?

Even our behavior and management of this thing we call ‘money’ is an integral part of our spiritual life. This applies to us as individuals and to our society and nation….wherever we may live. Here, it requires a lot of effort to be objective and less critical. Oh, how I could rant on the immaturity of us all in this regard.

For now, something each of us should be aware of is our national debt in America. As far as I know, there are few, if any, nations not in serious debt. But, America is a classic example. Here, I must confess to my own naivety. It was in the 1980s that I became aware that our nation was actually borrowing money and in debt. It floored me to think this was happening.  Oh well.

To the point: as of today, our nation is about 29 trillion dollars in debt. The interest is ticking while we sleep. We have done some calculating on the ways to put this in perspective. Here goes. If we were to pay $1 a second to the principle only, it would only take 968,000 years to repay it. With interest compounding, it will only take a few million years.

Of course, it is a total illusion to ever think this indebtedness would ever be resolved. The reasons for this absurd financial debacle of a nation’s existence can be easily explained. It would require too much honesty and candor to do so, however. So, perhaps, for those who really want to know, refer back to the blog item “A Credible Voting Democracy”. It is a frank example of how nations fall, whatever the political and social structure.


Give these little scenarios consideration and you will be getting the gist of it.

  • Have you ever noticed that government agencies have new vehicles? Only we who pay taxes and work and do not have special ‘perks’, drive used and older vehicles.  (It’s a big and complex subject.)
  • Too often, I have witnessed (and experienced) events when 5 or 6 men (and women) rent a cheap motel room together as they are working away from home. Some sleep on the floor, take turns with a shower, worry about getting their per diem in order to pay their part of the rent. They have a large portion of their paycheck deducted for this and that to support the ‘governments’.  Meanwhile,  down the street,  folks gather for superfluous ‘workshops and conferences’ at 4 and 5 star motel/hotels.  They can be city, county, state, federal people.  Their motel and meals are paid for.  Mileage is paid for. It is paid for by those silly ‘working trash’ men and women staying at the ‘flea-bitten’ motel down the street. I have seen this all over America, time and time again.
  • I am no ‘expert’ economist but I do know a little about math and what is the real math versus the twists of math. Math will not lie. People lie with math, however.  Creating the illusion is important when it comes to adjusting the mind-fix of a society of diverse peoples. Here is an example: public employees (this includes your politician, agencies, personnel of any nature that receives an income and benefits financed by the public treasury) do not pay taxes from their income. Here is the real story. Yes, they do an income tax report and send funds to the treasuries if they own anything. This simply amounts to a ‘rebate’ of tax money, your tax money. I have often wondered why they bother as it costs the ‘governments’ money to process the tax items of those who are simply sending tax money back to the government. Duh!!!??? (This is another deep and complex subject.)
  • Years ago, in an economics course, we were to attempt to conclude how many taxpayers it would take to pay the cost of the national average income and benefits of a public official and/or employee. (Keep in mind, this included all politicians, agencies, the entire bureaucracy of ‘government’ on all levels. It was a challenge indeed.) As best we could conclude, it required 57 full time working people, paying taxes, to support one public-employed person. Don’t take these numbers to the bank. It will be close, however.  Meanwhile, in the current reality in America, only 35% of the adult population is privately employed and paying taxes. The other 65% are government employed in some form or fashion, on contract with the government and paid by taxes, or not working and receiving some form of support from taxes for their plight (justified and unjustified).
  • The list of examples could go on and on; but, you are probably tired of the truth already.


America, and most of the nations of the world today, are bankrupt welfare or anarchical nations. They are in debt to something or someone but no-one can tell you exactly to whom and in what way.

This ‘bankruptcy’ is not just a mathematical detail in the incompetence and immaturity of a society. It reflects upon our spiritual nature as a creature of life on this planet.

I have never claimed or assume to be a prophet. Never will. But, over the past half century I have written about these things and forecast the bankruptcies and anarchical apex of a global nature in this century. “Hello, it has arrived.”

It does not require an ‘expert’ or ‘official’ or ‘entertainment oddity’ to see, and foresee, reality.

For what it may be worth to you, I suggest you, as an individual, forego wants and impulsiveness in your daily life. Focus upon simple needs. Know the difference.

Realize you do not need to be perfect or pretend to be saintly in order to nurture your spiritual ‘self’. As much as ‘life’ involves others, you are the only person you have to live with every moment of your existence. Therefore, be kind and gentle and honest with yourself, first and foremost. Be your best friend. It will make you strong, within yourself. This self-disciple with finances and establishing an inner strength for what is to come is essential to your well-being and your responsibility to others.

Take time, every day, to look into the darkness within you and focus upon the light that is the radiance within yourself. It will lead to the peace you can know as a ‘life’ within the infinite universe of ‘life’. It’s real.

Discipline yourself to manage your affairs in a frugal and humble manner. This equates to a path that has no debt. The opulence and vanity of others are not your concern.

These are simple things. They do not require that you pay anyone or owe anyone. Self-disciplines are free while ignoring them can have a heavy price.


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