With few exceptions, Democrat-dominated public schools scored ‘ZERO’ on the number of students capable of math at their grade level.  Yet, these schools have the highest cost per student and the highest property taxes in the nation.  Duh!!!!

A few generations have been convinced it is cruel for children to have to work.  Now, we wonder why a few generations of children don’t want to work or know how.  Duh!!!!!

We once were embarrassed if we needed help from the public and worked hard to cure our plight.  Now, it is a profession and we brag about it.  Duh!!!!!

A political and government job was once considered a ‘public servant’.  Now those in political and government jobs consider the public the servant.  Duh!!!!

Math is a pure science.  It will not lie to you.  However, the government can lie to itself and to you with math.  Today, in America, at a dollar a second it will only require 1.4 million years to repay the principal on our national debt.  Is there such a thing as a 1.4 million-year I.O.U.?  Duh!!!!

Racism has always existed in every race.  Today, in America, Black racism is big business for a few black folks.  Anyone who makes that statement is called a racist.  Are facts no longer acceptable?  Duh!!!!

In the real world and universe, CHANGE is the only constant.  But, climate change on the planet earth is our fault.  Duh!!!!

When nations and the entire global economy are fundamentally dependent upon the economics of the military-industrial complex while we aspire for a peaceful humanity is it only reasonable that we are a bit confused?  Duh!!!!

In Hollywood, only the bad guys are bad shots.  When a few machine guns are outgunned by one man with a pistol and video ‘shoot-outs’ have a ‘reset button, we then wonder why our children think there is a ‘kings-X’ to real life.  Duh!!!!

Get real!!  When discipline is ‘time-out’ it only means your child has time to think of better ways to deceive you.    Duh!!!!!

The best cure for the abortion issue is ‘responsibility and accountability’, for both genders.  Wonder why that concept is never considered.   Duh!!!!

We have ‘drop boxes’ for recycling and trash and clothing.  Now we have government ‘drop boxes’ for unwanted babies.  What’s next?  Duh!!!!

When ‘D.C.’  now means ‘Den of Corruption’ and D.C. wonders why a nation no longer trusts them, it only confirms our lack of trust.  Duh!!!!

When being proud of being ‘straight’ makes one homophobic, isn’t it only fair to call a homosexual heterophobic?  Duh!!!!

When we try to fix what ain’t broke maybe it just needs some finishing touches or a good cleaning.  The Constitution ain’t broke.  The malfunction is, perhaps, those trying to fix it.  Duh!!!!

When a tomato sits on the windowsill for two months and looks like the day you bought it, maybe you should not eat it.  Duh!!!!

Surveys repeatedly conclude that men are less and less interested in dating.  The first reaction is that men are becoming less ‘manly’ while women are still perfect (lol).  Duh!!!!

In present and future photo albums the only thing we will see are ‘selfies’. It will be historically known as the ‘Age of Narcissism’.  Duh!!!!

The ‘More is Less’ Equation:

A law of nature is that the more you have of something the less value it has.  Flooding the world with money while wondering why everything costs more is a moronic mind.  Duh!!!!

The more government you have the less freedom you have.

The more wheat or corn or soybean you have the less those who grow it will profit.

The more humans we have the less value each human has.

The more communications we have the less truth and reality we have.

The more antibodies we have invented the less survivability we have.

The more unrestrained and truthful you are the less friends you will have.

The more clothing you have in your closet the less confident you are in your choices.

The more wealth you have the less in touch with the reality of the world you become.

The more you dream the less you will actually do.

The more we hear the word ‘expert’ the less we tend to listen.  (The word implies… a ‘has-been’ and ‘a spray of water under pressure’.)


Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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