I’m confused.  Over these many decades, I’ve been convinced that women value the idea they are women.  They have emancipated themselves from a patriarchal world, gained equality never achieved in known history, and became leaders of civilizations.  Females make it a point to assure everyone they are a woman and proud of it.

Meanwhile, these ‘transgender men’ become ‘pretentious females’ and are allowed to compete in women’s sports, gain marketing franchises, drag queens in schools, and enter politics as representatives of women.  There are a few serious contradictions here.  The biggest contradiction is the real women in the world standing down and allowing these ‘frauds and freaks’ to represent them.  Am I missing something here?  Is the concept of ‘tolerance’ suddenly making women weak and cowardly when it comes to their precious dignity and gender identity?  I’m afraid I would only receive feeble excuses if any replies at all.

The attached video is from a posting on Facebook as a ‘real’, young woman speaks-up.  It is rational and sincere. Her voice needs to be heard.  I hope you will watch, listen and speak up.

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