Early this year, George Allen Kelly, a rancher Near Nogales on the southern border of Arizona (USA), is presumed to kill an illegal immigrant.  He will plead self-defense.  For years, he and his family have been inundated with people crossing the border.  He has been shot at a number of times by these villains.  Now, he is facing a million-dollar bond while immigrants and criminals go free.

GoFundMe will not allow folks to contribute to his bond.  This is another facet of the criminal government and judicial system.  His wife is alone, trying to keep the ranch going.  She is in hiding as retributions are obvious by the cartel and human trafficking groups.

Imagine yourself in this circumstance.  What would you do?  He did what he had to do and now he is a victim of a devious and criminal judicial system.  We should all have great empathy for him and his family.

There is a way you can help.  A Christian-based program that has helped many in similar situations has set aside a donation to help this man.  It is ‘GiveSendGo’.  I live on less than most folks make in a day or week, but contributed to this man’s efforts to be what our cowardly government will not be.

The follow-up:

Real spirituality, real manifested goodness, and real principles of a worthwhile life and humanity require more than words, platitudes, and entrancing videos to entertain us and make us feel good and righteous.  It requires personal and intimate action in the real world we now live in.  It requires courage and, so often, self-sacrifice, to some measure.

As the ‘mentors’ are now insisting, our planet of human consciousness is being micro-managed by a frequency of thought bringing an entire global culture into a zombie-like mindset, whereby the very fundamentals of human stability and rationality are being attacked and supplemented with irrational anarchy.

The irony is that these zomebazams* are fed and sheltered by the very things they are dictated to destroy. Follow the money and you find the evils. We are at war.  It is a war of minds.  A war of global consciousness.
* A mode of thinking and conduct guided by another force other than one’s own self.

This ‘war’ can be won for the goodness intended by our most ancient origins.  Ridding ourselves of the indoctrinations of educational, political, and religious systems, reverting to the principles of Socrates, Plato, Buddha, Jesus, and many others of enlightenment, will provide the soulful individuality our species desperately needs.

Unfortunately, but unavoidably, to deter the dark side of our spiritual consciousness as it is manifesting, requires that those who have the courage and fortitude to actually know what is simplistically honorable about the living experience, stand up, and define themselves.

Don’t be afraid!

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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