We are creatures of irony.  This applies to most things; but, for this moment, the fashionable fixes to the energy demands are the subject.

One, the concept of solar panels to produce electrical power seems novice and a great idea.  Meanwhile, no one considers the reality of the reflective density of these panels as the gamma and other elements from sunlight go back into the atmosphere of the planet.  They actually amplify solar heat.

Less than a fraction of 1% of the planet’s surface is occupied with solar panels.  Yet, the ‘reflective impact’ from these panels is many, many times the equivalent of the absorption.  In other words, we are bombarding the earth’s fragile and thin atmosphere with reflective radiation that will accelerate the planet’s temperature.  The earth is getting warmer not because of ‘greenhouse gases’ but because of the reflective impacts of solar panels, concrete surfaces, roofing, glass and any variety of man-made (human made) reflective surfaces.

Even the exposed surfaces of agriculture, as barren soil and the changes in crops that reflect the sun’s radiation properties, are a contributor to the earth’s atmospheric alterations.

Two, another attempted ‘fix’ for supplying electrical power are ‘windmill farms’.  As one who is involved, indirectly, with the cost, installation and maintenance of these windmills, they are not even close, in cost versus production, that makes them feasible.

Aside from economics, the earth’s wind currents are determined by regions of temperature, ocean currents and the land topography.  These are the ‘in-house’ effectuals.  Solar impacts and the arrangements within the solar system also have some level of wind current determinants.

Most directly, the windmill farms actually interfere with the topographical/innate patterns of the movement of wind currents. It is determined over time (even years) and the increased number of such farms as they develop.

Three, as data is collected, over time, the one factor overlooked by ‘experts’ is the actual and factual impacts of our energy solutions upon the atmospheric alterations these solutions create. It is an ‘inconvenient truth’ few are willing to admit to or profess to the public mind.

Four, as ‘inconvenient’ as these realities are, the most inconvenient is the entire constructual development of our buildings, their amenities, roads, shopping centers, parking lots, homes, agricultural soil exposures and minute details we may never consider.

Put all these details together and we have, by our own doing, created a ‘passive’ alteration of the planet’s innate workings.  Climate change, global warming, whatever words we wish to use, are not something we can pass on to someone else to blame.  It is a common guilt we all share.

As a political and social issue, those ‘in charge’ prefer changing the words rather than allowing the debate.  What was recently ‘global warming’ is now ‘climate change’.  ‘Climate change’ is more correct because ‘change’ is the only constant.  Climate on this planet, as well as all the universe, is in constant change.

Fossil fuels are essential for some time to come.  Fossil fuels are miniscule in climate impacts compared to the permafrost thaws.  The reflective impact upon the atmosphere by just one major city, Beijing or New York City, for examples,  equal or excel the entire carbon emissions from vehicles and industry.

Fossil fuels are as ‘organic’ as it gets.  Yet, these organic materials are soon to be used as materials rather than ‘energy’.

We are nearing a time when all utility and transport power will be ‘passive’ and ‘innate’ within the natural course of the physics of atomic structure and relationships.  We will soon be living in a time when we consume nothing and waste nothing for power.

Much of the details of this upcoming phase of human life will be posted here.  These details will be as ancient as all unknown history of our species, found in references within the texts of our religions and complimentary to the metaphysics of Plato and Socrates, Nostradamus, Einstein, Tesla and others.

The resistance to these REAL energy solutions is economics.  Real solutions, those upcoming, will not need to be distributed, cannot be controlled or sold to a consumer market.  The paradox lies in the course of events that will occur.  As population actually decreases to a marginal and fragile number the present ‘marketing paradigm’ will no longer be applicable.

As we are witnessing today, the conventional systems of governments and their purposes will no longer exist. The primitive beasts of governmental power, wealth, imperialisms by conquest, wars as a primary fulcrum for national economics via military industrial states will not be within the interest, capabilities, resources of sparse cultures managing the fundamentals of survival.

The only, and important, contribution these alternative energy developments have is the technologies and innovations they create for the ‘final solution’.  What is our responsibility, as individuals, as these delicate events of transition occur?  This, in itself, is a most personal and common issue for our times. In all, being more aware of the ‘backfires’, contradictions, brainwashing, covert agendas, fashionable thinking without justifications or logic are the first essentials of a liberated and spiritually mature person ready for the times to come.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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