The Essential Preface

In the most simplistic terms, the universe (in its total quantum) is electronics.  From the earliest known symbols and attempts to refer to the existence of a ‘universal consciousness’, or spirit, the trinity is always present.  This ‘trinity’, as in electronics, is positive, common, and ground.  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is a biblical example.

Within the quantum folding of time and space, we can foresee the eventuality of events prior to their occurrence in our timeframe of awareness.  These ‘foreseeings’ are always somewhat vague and/or ambiguous regarding time and specifics because there is the factor of options within the course of events.  These ‘options’ are of three potentials.

The ‘potentials’ are the essential freedoms of life as it evolves (or devolves) within the universal consciousness of our catalytic Creator. In abstract terms, these three potentials are dependent upon the ‘collective and individual’ intricacies of what we call ‘mind’; and, how ‘mind’ is manifested into the reality of events.

This ‘manifestation’ is our ‘actuality’ versus ‘potentiality’.  In other words, within the human realm of consciousness, it is Action, Reaction, and Neutrality (Positive, Negative, Neutral),  (Hot, Common, Ground), (Father, Son, Holy Ghost), etc.

All three elements of life-consciousness function on ‘frequencies’, just as electrical currents are based upon a particular sequence of input (current).  We, in the Western world, know this as the ‘Word’.  “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and was of God” (Genesis. Verse one. Chapter one.).  Thus, thought/mind is ‘frequency’, a continuum of consciousness in Action, Reaction, and Neutrality.

With this feeble effort to clarify and justify the course of events within our manifested consciousness, the reality in which we live has three potentials as it determines the course of events.  Fate and fatalism have nothing to do with it.  The excusism of justifying our actions and the inhumanities of humanity are our own pardoning.  The only ‘God’s Will’ (as it is often referred to) are the fixed laws of action and reaction, Karma, sowing and reaping, and whatever terminology we choose to use.  And, these definitions are precisely and most intricately determined within a structure of universal electronics.  There does exist a well-designed and simplistic order in the universe of universes, though we may see it as chaotic.

The human consciousness is somewhat unique as it has individualized freedom of choice regarding its decision-making.  This, yet, is within the collective actions and consequences of other humans and events of nature.  The entire subject is a seemingly endless ‘compounding of simplicities’ that could exhaust the most devoted physicist and metaphysicist.

Ultimately, foreseeings (often called ‘prophesies’) are subject to individual and collective choices and actions as they apply to the continuum of space and time.  In other words, if events were predetermined, as absolutes, what would be the need for the events in the first place?  We do have individual and collective liberties that dictate the actual course of events. It is, therefore, not so much the time we have as it is what we do with the time we have.

As we seriously reflect upon known history, we can see a pattern that repeats itself over and over again.  Ultimately, how many options are there?  It is like a novel….beginning, middle, and end.  Then, over again.  Same creature.  Different day.  All planets, suns, and forms of life have these cycles and a general timeframe in which they occur.  Though the names, individual and collective events, dress, tools, weapons, and the spectrum of cultures look different with each cycle, it is ‘repetition’.  This ‘repetition’ is addressed in many canonized texts throughout the ages.  The Greeks nailed it in the divine comedy concepts and illustrated it in the masks of laughter and crying.

Civilizations far beyond where we now are have come and gone, subject to the same inadequacies and cycle of human drama we know within our history and present times. So, ‘foreseeings (or prophecies) are based upon a visual and conscious view within time and space, with the eventualities dictated by the past and present course of human actions and habitual intentions (within each individual and the collective total).  And, this too, is directly influenced and dictated by the events of planetary and galactic cycles.  We, as humans, only play a part in the entirety of the ‘drama’.

The Contingencies:

Every moment, every event, is subject to the collective of influences.  To use an analogy, a stream or river flows in a continuum and, as we observe it, the path it takes is predictable.  Yet, an event, such as a fallen tree as it lost its grip in the soil, falls into the stream.  This singular event interrupts the once predictable flow of water; and, as it is redirected, it erodes the other side of the stream and, thus alters (even slightly) the stream’s course, or path.  Imagine the slightest and most intricate impacts that fallen tree will have.

The same is true with ‘foreseeings’, or prophecies.  The Will of the Creator is already established in the laws of existence.  The Will of the lifeforms that manifest as what I call ‘Godlettes’, you and I, and all the other lifeforms of the universe, can individually and collectively be ‘the fallen trees’ that redirect the events of the present and future.  The idea of prayer, meditation, thought-forming, and even ‘wishful thinking’ is a powerful element in the interaction and consequences within our species. It is also ‘effectual’ in the ‘life-consciousness’ of our dear planet.

Granted, there are many elements of the universe we have no significant control over.  Yet, we do have exceptional control regarding what we are and do as a species.  This applies to our most personal and total collective existence.

What are the ‘foreseeings’ for 2023 and 2024?

Here is a short list for your consideration.


  • America will find unprecedented divisiveness, politically. The two existing political parties are no longer based on social responsibilities. They are agencies seeking power and the money that goes with it.  There are no white hats here.  The two parties will become multiple factions with news media as propaganda tools also focused on money, not news.
  • The present president and his associates within the administration will be removed or isolated with no function. The past and present culprits in the political and economic arenas will be ‘investigated’ but nothing will come of it.  *We can’t expect the fox to judge another fox for invading the hen-house.
  • It is quite possible the federal government, as we once knew it, will dissolve; and, with it, an unusual form of feudal anarchy will occur in North America. It is already occurring as particular cities and states are manifesting autonomous laws and policies, separating themselves from national attitudes and principles. This will be the initial phase of a restructuring of this part of the world into about 12 separate nations….much like Europe. (I drew a multi-national map of what is now America in 1970.  It will be fairly accurate.)
  • We will see an accelerated decline in traditional religions. Attendance will increase, for the moment, due to economics and insecurity….not on true conviction.  Even Islam will see transitions from its authoritarian dominance to a more open agnosticism.  Religions, especially Christianity, will call it ‘persecution’ while it is actually a rejection of pagan ignorance and hypocrisies.  *This is evidence of the small steps the human is taking toward a more civilized creature.  The dangers lie in what will attempt to replace them.
  • As political parties lose their credibility, the rise of a few personalities will have popular support and form transitional governments, more geographically located.
  • The San Andreas fault and the Madrid fault will be active. One, or both, will be dramatic.
  • In Asia and the Middle East, there will be wars. The probability of nuclear use is there.
  • England will be in the news as political upheavals will occur, as the parliamentary system is shown to be so corrupt it has no social support. Immigration will be its demise, as we once knew it.
  • The EU will be in name only, supporting an elitist cult. Russia will prevail in the long term.  Portions of Ukraine will return to Russian territory. Putin will be gone and a ‘purging’ will occur (as is the Russian tradition).
  • Mexico will dominate southern portions of what is now the U.S.A. Both as property and territories.  The beginning of Spanish as a first language will be, and is presently, evident.
  • George Soros will be killed or pass on. (At least an attempt that will put him in isolation) This will leave a void in the global-socialist movement.  it will allow for the rise of what will be referred to as the ‘anti-christ’.  Soros was the ‘preparer’ for this event.
  • The volcanic chains will become more active, both above sea level and below. More dead zones in the oceans will occur as the temp and acidity of the oceans will rise.
  • Foods from the oceans, seas, and land crops will decrease. We will see the early stages of famine.
  • Contrary to the ‘climate change’ assumptions, the global weather will actually get colder. In the long-term, this is Mother Earth’s device in regaining the oxygen required in water for recovery to support aquatic life.  And, regain an alkaline balance.  The only constant regarding climate is change.
  • The utility infrastructures will be precarious and often fail by magnetic influences, over-demand, and lack of maintenance parts and skills. This, along with the disruption of interstate cooperation.
  • Traditional monetary systems will, surprisingly, endure much of these events. This, only as a medium of exchange.  The present corporate banking institutions will falter or disappear.  The coin exchange will be honored among most of the populous, however, as a device of equity in affairs.  2022 will be a big stock bubble and burst, big-time, in very early 2024.
  • Institutions of education will be discredited, as a whole. This, in itself, is a multi-faceted issue that will not be solved in any near future.  Intellectual narcissism will not be trusted. ‘Wokism’ will be rebuked and encourage private and non-profit schools as an option to public schools.
  • Viral warfare is, and will continue to be, the preferred path for diminishing populations, internally and between nations. This, in conjunction with the longstanding use of preservatives and additives in foods, drugs as medication, and inoculation to reduce virility and reproductivity.  (Re-introducing once-eradicated diseases is part of the immigration agenda.)
  • It is highly possible America will declare bankruptcy in the near future. At $1 a second, paid against present debt, it will require over a million years to repay it.  Solutions are too practical.
  • Note: It will require at least one full generation in America, and elsewhere, for the populus to regain the principle of work, rather than welfare.  The next few years will see a reduction in the ability and willingness to pay people not to work in order to buy political votes.
  • The realities of race wars, political wars, the prowess of Artificial Intelligence, a nuclear exchange, the global military complex, slavery in many forms, drug and narcotics industries becoming political powers and feudal governments, a more defined and obvious caste and class system, the competition for precious minerals and productive agricultural lands, the demise of metro-urban populations, geographic and climatic transitions of mother earth, the end of traditional education (including colleges and universities), the collapse of the temporary phenomena of governmental retirement and welfare programs (both private and public), restructuring of international alliances, alien introduction into the global consciousness and its effects upon the traditional pagan idealisms of religions will ALL occur in a virtually simultaneous timetable.
  • The ‘upside’ of these transitions is the re-establishment of family and community. (As stated many times, ‘humans do not act upon wisdom or foresight; rather, upon crisis and necessity’, is a fact.) Generations will live together, not separated and isolated from one another, cooperating in the daily necessities for their survival.  This will be the essence of a more mature continuity among families and communities and the consequent societies.
  • The existence of folks from other parts of the galaxy/universe will become undeniable.

This is not as gloomy as it appears.  These issues are and can be short-lived, as a whole, and provide opportunities for positive consolidation and cooperation based upon higher principles of ‘brotherhood/sisterhood’, locally and globally.  As it has always been, politics and religion are the manifestations of the collective values of the populus; thus, we have met the culprit and it is us.

All of the above is short-term and survivable. Our gravest nemesis, present and future, as a species, is Artificial Intelligence.  In conjunction, intellectual vanities are an innate nemesis that may or may not be curbed by the well-intended influences of our intergalactic neighbors.  We shall see.

Addressing a specific person or persons:  Donald Trump should be appreciated for what he has done and sacrificed to bring the political swamp to the awareness of the people.  However, if he should run for President in 2024 it will defeat the progress that could be made.  There are a few good winners in the political scene, e.g., De Santis, Nikki Haley, Tulsi Gabbard.  Frankly.  As we well know, the ‘swamp’ is in both principal political parties; and, it will be difficult for any good person to do well in this race.

A real winning team would be De Santis and Haley.  It could do a lot of healing for the nation.  Trump would make an excellent Secretary of State (lol).  Just an opinion.  Tulsi Gabbard as Secretary of Defense. However, should Trump become the candidate, he will win.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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