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   This Edition: 3/20/23

March 20, 1854.  The Republican Party was formed to oppose expansion of slavery in the remaining territories and states.  The meeting and chartering was held at the Presbyterian church In Repon, Wisconsin and the first Republican Party convention occurred on July, 1856 at Philadelphia

The Chairman at the founding meeting declared “this is to be a party more befitting and obliged to the original intent and of the dignity of man by our founding fathers.”  In preparations for the upcoming elections and that of the presidency, the party set forth organizing within each state and territory.  This was a catalyst of conflicts reinforced by Abolitionists, such as John Brown.

The issue of states’ rights had been contentious since the founding of the United States, each fervent in the sovereignty of their state versus control by a central government.  This is important to keep in mind as the ‘politics’ of the times were volatile, at best.

This young Republican party (often referred to as the ‘Abolition’ Party) nominated a young man from Illinois.  He was not formally educated, homeschooled, earned acceptance of a law license in Illinois, known as a fellow who often settled disagreements with a good ol’ fist fight.  Abraham Lincoln narrowly won the presidency as the first Republican president.  We all know most of the rest of the story.  Yet, the civil war originated over the issue of states’ rights.  Most of the northern states originally agreed with the south on this issue.  The ‘South’ was winning this conflict. The Emancipation Proclamation, and changing the rhetoric from ‘states’ rights’ to ‘slavery’ gained the essential support needed for the Union.  Now for the rest of the story:  Some things say they are one thing when they are not.  The irony is that they actually come to believe their own lie. 

Fact:  The Democratic party originated from the root philosophy and premise of the Ku Klux Klan.  The proponents of slavery were represented primarily by the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party was the party of the Southern Confederacy. Virtually all the wars and policies of Imperialism have been via Democratic Party administrations.  The premise has always been and continues to be, control and oppression of the populous through control of the political system and education/indoctrination.  The socialist programs introduced in the past and today are for the purpose of creating a dependent society manageable by an elite bureaucracy of socialist systems.  HUD and a myriad of welfare/entitlement programs are essential to buying votes and maintaining a dependent society.

This commentator is politically independent, of no party; yet, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it is a duck.  It can call itself by whatever name but its qualities remain the same.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)   

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