Being prompted, by many, and unusual sources, to confess and attest to things most folks would interpret as fraudulent or misguided has been something I, personally, have struggled with.  The time has come, however, to set aside my bashfulness and hesitations.  So, please read this carefully and with an open mind.

I was counseled for up to three years, as a child from the age of seven to ten, by folks from another world….one not far away and of a near frequency of dimension.  At various times, as I aged and feebly began to mature, I have been counseled by these folks many times.  It has been mostly in transcendent meditations, leaving the body and remaining most conscious of the interaction and instructions of these ‘folks’.  (Each frequency level of consciousness has any number of ‘sub-frequencies’, which allow for a variety of ‘body substance’ and consciousness.)

This reality of quantum existence is not so different from you and I tuning in to a particular frequency on our radio, television or cell phone or the www you are now using.  We isolate one frequency from the multitude of frequencies and call it a ‘channel’.  And, a ‘channel’ is exactly what it is….a path leading from one point of awareness to another.

So, I do encourage you, and all those you value as family and friends, to get these books and actually read them.  They are not fancy or in a manner to prove how ‘intellectual’ I am or to assume some egotistical prowess over anyone.  They are simple, down-to-earth, spiritually candid, real, and sincerely relating the essences of what we all experience, endure and aspire to in this little life we live.  They, in all, can be so helpful in the course of a lifetime of transitions and trials and loves and all we each experience in this wonderful and mysterious thing called ‘Life’.

Regardless of your particular religion or lack of one, you know, very well, there is far more to this infinite, endless, timeless universe than this little planet and our little selves.  Ultimately, in the real view of our physical lives, we are a compound/complex collective of energy vortexes (atoms)  running around on this finite and beautiful blue marble, flying through infinity with all the other particles we call stars and planets and at some immeasurable speed as there is no point of reference for the speed of travel.

Within this phenomenon is this incredible fact; among all the blades of grass, leaves of trees, flakes of snow, drops of rain, every creature and thing that ever existed, there has never been nor will there ever be, two exactly alike.  There has never been, nor will there ever be, another creature exactly like you or I.

To attempt to grasp the unlimited creativity of our Creator is futile.  So it is with any attempt, though admirable, to grasp the magnitude of the design of our existence.  The more we come to know the more we know we don’t know.  Therefore, our attempts to make final conclusions about our Gods and our confined and limited purposes via our doctrines and assumptions are nothing less than futile vanity.

The greatest peace is the resolve to not fear what we do not know.  Rather, be open and fearless about what we will inevitably know and experience.  Life goes on after death.  Life, within you and I, has no real beginning.  We are timeless.  Have you ever asked yourself what you were feeling and thinking at the moment of your physical birth?  At that moment, you lost what was and only embraced what was Now.  I can only assure you the same is true at the moment this life ends.  Just as nothing in the infinite universe is lost, we are endless and imperishable.

We live in a slim flicker of time as we live this life.  It is precious in what we do and feel and think, as these are the makings of what we are and will be.   And, just as the endless creativity noted earlier, we are, in some measurable way, a different life-consciousness every single second of our existence.  We will never be, again, what we were only a finite moment earlier.  This implies we are also a ‘creator’…a creator of an ever-changing, ever-growing ‘self’.  To imply what is good or bad in this endless changing or growing is up to the judgment within ourselves, others, as we affect their lives, and the collective omniscience of the Creator.

The time is soon coming when all the assumptions of our past and present will be challenged by an awakening that will be fostered by visitations from other worlds.  These visitors will be not so different from us in that there will be impeccable motives from some and questionable motives from others.  Yes, there is both harmony and conflict throughout the universe.

Within these motives is a concern for the two most dangerous prospects we are now approaching.  They are nuclear self-annihilation and artificial intelligence.  With each passing innovation and our addictions to them, we are becoming less and less self-reliant and innovative for survival.  How you wish to weave these things together is up to you; but, the conclusions will be the same.  And, call it what you will… simple didactic foresight or prophecy.

The time will soon come when these devices of communication (including the internet) will go dark for an extended period of time.  One of my mandated functions is to provide as many people as possible with the principles of a good and simple and strong character and lifestyle that will help them in these forthcoming events.  So, be aloof to the dogmas and institutions that attempt to dictate your life.  Be self-governed by good principles and fellowship.

Each book and Jaw Wag has a purpose, in sequences, that addresses something essential to someone; and, perhaps, everyone.  Nothing within these items is intended to dictate or indoctrinate or instigate.  Rather, motivate, and spur the individual to contemplate the little but powerful details of life in the real world; and, be comfortable with the endlessness of their existence.

I invite (and the ‘visitors’ invite) you to also be part of this preparation by setting aside your doubts about me and the instruments of communications we are using.  The substances of these books and Jaw Wags are the focus.  Not me, personally.  Recommend and encourage your friends, family, and others to simply visit and click ‘Count me in’.  Take a moment to read what comes to you in the Jaw Wags.  You will never totally agree with everything posted.  Nothing has ever been said that every person agrees with.  But, you can never doubt the sincere intentions that come your way through this media.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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