“What webs we weave” is not just a cliché. Life is a web weaved by the course of events, individually and collectively, as we act and interact. Karma is no different than the law of physics (action and reaction), the biblical law of “sowing and reaping” and many little sayings of “what goes around comes around”.

The more analytically we study history and social anthropology the more vivid these truths become. The less we study or know about our history as a species the more likely we are to repeat the very things we are trying to avoid. Avoiding what is innately within us, individually and collectively, is a real challenge.

To stand back and look at the big picture provides a simple conclusion about what life is about on this little planet. We are born, strive to survive as long as possible, and inevitably die. This applies to the individual and entire nations and civilizations. As for a nation or civilization, the cycles of their rise and fall follow the same pattern. They rise by aspirations and opportunity. They fall by individual and collective selfishness and apathy. Each generation becomes less inclined to grasp the significance and responsibility the individual has, on every level of the society, in order to preserve and perpetuate the aspiration that conceived it.

Today, we see this in its unique forms throughout the planet. And, as with everything that ever lives, when it completes its full cycle it is done. But, the time will come, as the seasons we all enjoy, that new aspirations will arise and manifest. They will have their day in the sun but, eventually, the frost will come.

To attempt to address all the intricacies and details and events that weave the webs of our sowing and reaping would be so laborious, voluminous, and complex that no individual could possibly comprehend it or present it in a reasonable manner to humanity. Yet, it is real, very real, as is demonstrated to us in everything every day if we took time to see and ponder it.
With these facts of life in mind, it is for us, as individuals, to be good ‘gleaners’ carefully ridding ourselves of what is hurtful and destructive in our conduct and mindsets while preserving the positive aspirations that make us more admirable creatures.

This defines us. We are neither ridged nor radical, right or left, liberal or conservative. We are ‘preservatives’ retaining the innate principles of a spiritually honorable life. How we, individually, define what is spiritually honorable is the greatest challenge to define. The principle of the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is appropriate. This principle is something we, so often, lack the ability to comprehend or apply to ourselves with adequate scrutiny. Yet, it is essential to real quality in the due course of the webs we weave.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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