This article was first written in 1988 and published in The American Editorial Free Press in 1994.  It is here presented in its complete original text (with some grammar and spelling corrections).

It Began as the Abolitionist Party.

On March 20, 1854, in Ripon, Wisconsin, the Republican Party began as part of the Abolitionist movement.  At that time, the new territories and states were preparing to become free or slave states.  The initial purpose for organizing was to establish opposition to slavery in these upcoming and future state and territorial votings. A lot of discussion initiated the meeting regarding what to call itself.  It was decided there were to be many issues in the future for the nation other than abolishing slavery.  As they were focused upon the constitution of the Republic and its farsighted visions of a ‘more perfect union’, the title. was official.

As the chairman of this gathering stated, “This is to be a party more befitting and obliged to the original intent and the dignity of man by our founding fathers.”  The first Republican convention was held in 1856 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its first President-elect was a man from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln. 

He assumed the office of President at a very complicated and conflicting time.  The heated issues of states’ rights versus the imposition of centralized federal laws/mandates had always been a heated issue.  And, with the national congresses becoming more favorable toward a nationwide abolition of slavery, the southern states succeeded from the union.

Some important social and political dynamics must be considered in the course of these events.  First, the issue that gained the favor of the southern population was ‘states’ rights’. Less than 5% of the population actually owned slaves.  In the northern states, this issue was held in sympathy; meaning, most people agreed with the issue of states’ rights.  This is the primary reason for a lack of support for the ‘union’; and, why the Confederacy was initially winning the (Civil Conflict) war….though there was nothing ‘civil’ about it.

Changing the Narrative.

It became obvious this conflict was going to end badly if the issues and narrative were not changed.  Even men like Robert E. Lee, the director of West Point and an avid patriot, chose to fight for states’ rights.  So, the wise and relevant issue of slavery came to the forefront with the Emancipation Proclamation.  This changed the entire tide of the conflict.  All said and done, it was the ‘Abolitionist-Republican Party that asserted the values of freedom and equality, in its more comprehensive and authentic manner, to America.

A Converse Complexity.

Resolving a conflict does not mean the cause is resolved.  The Reconstruction period, after the Civil War, was a mix of exploitations, political and military impositions, a displaced population of both whites and blacks, radical racial cults such as the KKK, and economic chaos, to mention the most general issues.  The darker side of the human creature continued in many devious forms.

The Democratic Party was the governing party of the Confederacy, a ‘states-rights’ party.  But, it was also a party of slavery, the party that remained in power after the civil war and continued the oppression (and controlled management) of those who were once (officially) slaves, maintained the political leverages to control elections, controlled the newspapers, protected the elite in the court systems and, in general, directed the profiteering in their favor.  This was the undercurrent of power throughout the reconstruction era of the ‘post-Civil War’.

The Irony.

As a ‘post-note’:  The above paragraph does sound familiar.  It’s the same Democratic Party doing the same thing today; and, ironically, using those most victimized to do its dirty work along with the gullible and ignorant-minded. 

History has a way of being selective. If a person does not look closely and mindfully, he/she will be doing and incentivizing the very thing they condemn or oppose.  For example, the only presidents who vetoed legislation to provide equal voting rights to blacks, Native Americans and women, were Democrats.  Woodrow Wilson first vetoed it but was persuaded to change his mind after the political fallout. 

The KKK originated and was fostered in the south (and north) by the Democratic party.  If one were to recently recall, George Wallace (a KKK Democrat) was almost the candidate for the American Presidency until he was shot.

The Democratic Party has no defined ‘platform’ other than what will buy votes at the moment.  Great examples are HUD, under the pretense of providing affordable housing at the taxpayers’ expense, it was actually a ploy to consolidate particular groups of people into what is, essentially, a concentration regimen and create a dependency that assures a voting block to support the political structure that supports them. Creating a governmental and welfare ‘state’ is the overall objective of this Marxist-fascist agenda. This, in itself, by definition, is a form of ‘slavery’, indentured servitude, thus creating a subculture of people with no apparent opportunity for individualism.

Today, after nearly a quarter century (*1965-1988) of this ‘concentrationism’, we find the greatest concentration of gangs, crime, single parenting, violence and killings. This same ‘metro-dynamics’ elects state and local governments that continue to perpetuate this mindset of dependency,  anger and futility. It’s a situation contrary to all laws of nature.  And, the old saying “You can’t fool Mother Nature” also applies to the saying “You can fool the human mind but you can’t fool Reality”.

A Political Party that Lost Its Way.

Originally and historically, the ‘Abolitionist Republican Party’ was and has been the ‘progressive party’ in the pursuit of liberty as originally intended by the Constitution of this Republic. For over 125 years, the due course of ‘liberation’, small government, economic disciplines, national parks to preserve our unique landscape, the mature management of horrific wars (such as WW2), development of our interstate highway system for commerce and mobility, voting rights, preservation of a judicial and legal system with the best possible integrity and obliging the Constitution, natural resource storage and reserves for contingencies, preserving the integrity of the constitutional principles without dictates to micro-manage our personal lives, are mature examples of what a constitutional government is for.  If we had to rename the Abolitionist Republican Party it should be the ‘Preservation Progressive Party’.

Yet, due to obvious and mysterious reasons, this ‘party of principles’ has been infiltrated by those who know nothing about the party’s original and fundamental platform and purpose.  It is managed by ignorant bureaucrats and ‘children of political nepotism’.  It would be so easy, especially in today’s media technology, to communicate the reality of the past and present, and do so in a powerfully aggressive manner.  Yet, this ignorance, and/or cowardice, has paralyzed a perfectly good party of principle.

It would be simple today: 

The obstacles are simple….a collective of cowardice, ignorance and self-interests forego the innate integrity of the Abolitionist Republican Party.

The ‘preservation’ of a perfectly fine Constitutional Republic hinges delicately on those who have the courage to change the narrative from falsehoods and platitudes to the reality of our political history and present times.

Clarity to the proper demographics:

For example, if the Republican Party, those who authentically know the real origin and purpose, were honest about its moments of failure in upholding that purpose, made the effort to present this reality of history to the black people of America, this alone, would restore the integrity of our nation; and, put to rest the Democratic Partys efforts of keep us divided and micro-managed.

If those who have the financial and political capacity debunked the rhetoric that our nation’s sovereignty and a responsible vetting and limitation of immigration was not a prejudice; rather, the first mandated and essential responsibility of our political structure and sovereignty of the people, the issue of migration-invasion would cease.  It is not a racial or ethic issue, though the Democrat fanatics insist it is.

 If the ‘narrative’ regarding political and judicial positions was changed from an assumed ‘power’ to a mandated ‘responsibility and accountability’ those in these positions would be very careful to  focus upon the specific guidelines of their position, not overstep the defines and confines of our constitution.  We, the people, are the power.

There are many ‘ifs’; but, in all issues of our times, the entities in power and the covert financial sources that embellish them, are no less than a manifested reflection of the true character within our populous and the covert internal and external sources that indoctrinate the populous.

Careful with ‘titles’ and personalities.

Does a piece of paper make you intelligent?  Of course, it doesn’t.  It has become obvious the most ignorant, narrow-minded and wild-minded people have degrees, from somewhere.

‘Does a fancy title on a desk, a position of ‘power’ in the courts, a seat in Congress, a spot in front of a news camera or radio speaker make you an authority on reality, wise and with impeccable intentions?  Of course not. More often than not, a real vetting of these people would prove them shameful.

Why do we put any credibility in the opinions of people who make a living pretending to be someone else?  Actors and actresses are just that….actors.  The same applies to any form of ‘entertainer’. 

Political Party names are just words.

Why would a person support so blindly, unwaveringly and ignorantly a ‘political party’ without knowing its origin, critical history, and subtle transitions from its assumed purpose; which, most often, can become the exact opposite of what they really believe and enjoy as a citizen living in a constitutional republic, such as America?  Inadvertently, such a person becomes a contributor to the destruction of all they hold dear.

The Democratic Party, for decades and to the present, and perhaps the foreseeable future, is not what it pretends to be.  It is an organized and covertly funded Socialist-Fascist party following the blueprint of totalitarian rule as prescribed by Karl Marx, applied by Adolph Hitler and others, past and present.

Personality has nothing to do with a real democracy.  It is in platform and performance, the practical realities and pragmatic logistics, that preserve our fine democracy that an objective citizen must make a judgement and cast a ballot.  It is not guided by the name of a ‘political party’ or personality or a voter’s personal greed.

Unfortunately, religion is politics; and, politics is a religion.  The two are inseparable….tied at the hip.  When a person’s ‘religion’ dictates his/her politics, rather than the pragmatics that provide a continuance of their freedom of religion, they contradict that freedom for others.  The only credible criterion for a legitimate vote is an understanding that it is not only freedom of religion but also freedom from religion. 

Not obliging this delicate line in one’s paradigm is comparable to that of the theocratic fanaticisms of history and the present; which is, most candidly, the root cause of our greatest inhumanities.   The idea that freedom of religion is important as long as it is my religion is, in our constitutional paradigm, a great and dangerous hypocrisy.

Bottom line….a person can be of no religion, or no particular religion, and a great and honorable patriot of the founding principles of a worthy nation.

*Inserted but relevant.  Written in 1988.

A ‘Foreseeing’: 

About 15 years ago, under the Nixon administration, a Department of Education was established; and, as a part of the Administration’s Cabinet.  Hitler’s quote “Those who control the youth control the future” became an American reality.  Most of us knew what this meant and what would be its eventuality in the ‘deterioration’ of educational integrity, replaced with fanatical indoctrination of generations.

Nixon pretended to be a Republican without any idea what a ‘Republican’ really is.  Research indicates it was political pressure from the left-wing news media and the rise of Unions in education (teacher’s unions) that made this seem favorable.

The ’foreseeing’ is a dark one.  From birth through higher education the child’s mind will become the property of a more totalitarian government; and molded in a fashion now inconceivable.  This, in itself, is within the devious intent and philosophy of what we call the ’Democratic Party’; and will be a weaponized instrument for this purpose.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is oblivious and indifferent, at the moment.  The day will come, however, when this will be a grave national issue.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)    

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