This is undoubtedly the most important subject for the human creature.  It encompasses every moment of an individual’s life and the total of events on the planet we live on.  Is everything and every moment controlled and dictated by a God?  The assumption that a god is in total control of life and, life is predestined to Its dictates and plan, is to be questioned here.

Most religions and ideologies depend upon this assumption that a god’s ‘Will’ justifies the conduct and events of our inhumanities.  Is it really?  Or, is it a way to excuse ourselves, justify our weaknesses, and give a fictitious consolation to the saddening events in our personal and collective lives?  We can all recall those trite cliches that mean nothing but sound good in moments we had/have no control over.

It is this ‘fatalism’ that has allowed us the greatest freedom to be less than we can be.  As we honestly look into our past as a species and reflect upon the courses of history, and the countless details of how civilizations have structured and conducted themselves, it is worthwhile to consider this an unprecedented chronicle of travesty; yet, with those few moments of authentic admiration.

Only when we understand and comprehend where we have been do we know where we really are.  To assume the journey of the human on this planet has been planned and dictated by a ‘god’s Will’ is something any worthwhile intellect should question.  Try telling those countless billions in our history who have perished at the hands of others in the brutalities of our wars, religious self-righteousness, and genocides because they were ‘different’, it was “God’s Will’.  Let’s console the countless billions of every race and station in life who were enslaved and brutalized, it was “God’s Will”.  Let’s give a consoling hug to the countless children who were exploited by psychotic minds, abused by parents and authorities, left hungry and dying in the wake of our savageries and wars, it was “God’s Will”.

These statements are not only applicable to our yesterdays but relevant to our present times.  Yes, there is an omniscience in the universe(s), a catalytic consciousness far beyond our ability to comprehend; yet, It has only manifested the realities and in a magnificent polarity of ‘forces’ by which ‘life’ (in many forms) conducts itself.  We are very much a part of this journey of manifestation within the Creator; and, contribute, by our own conduct, to the continuance of what the Creator is and will become.  To make this more concise, the old saying “God’s work must be our own” has intimate relevance.

The Analysis of ‘Will’

There are, and will continue to be, many ‘experts’ telling the world why religions are dying out.  They will all have some measure of fact about them; but, few, if any, will address the issue of ‘WILL’.

This little four-letter word is the most powerful word on earth.  In the English language, we find that four-letter words are bound in the realm of feelings and actions.  Love, hate, good, evil, are examples.  ‘Will’ is a prefix to all these feelings and actions.  We will or we will not.

Within the human mind (and that of most creatures) is the freedom of ‘decision’, a choice in every moment.  Beyond the ‘choice’ is the matter of ‘Will’; and, this quality (or power) is what manifests the ‘choice’.  Without the quality of ‘Will’ there is no freedom.  This is what religions are designed to do…remove the power of the individual’s ‘Will’ while pretending it is giving them that power.

This is most essential in politics, as well.  Politics and religions are inseparable.  Politics is a religion.  Religion is politics.  Both are innately designed and motivated to assert their Will upon the human collective.  Ultimately, and historically, it has been the Will of politic and religion…not “God’s Will”….that has dictated the course of our inhumanities and struggles for human dignity. Yet, the true drama has always been in the struggle to define what human dignity really is.  In this struggle, the answer lies in a most intimidating place…within ourselves….in our capacity for individual assertion of our Will and the ability to do so with a more ‘divine’ consciousness in motives.

This is yet to be defined by us.  It is, yet, a blank page in the evolution of the human consciousness.  The assertion of the individual’s Will, in harmony with the positive polarity of the universe, is the objective of the Fifth Era of human development.  We are in a global turmoil today in preparations for this forthcoming era.

‘Will’ in the Fifth Era

Why the ‘Fifth Era’?  Archeology and Anthropology have an advantage today.  These fields of research and exploration are not shackled to archaic ideas.  They are more free to pursue facts.  As a result, we are realizing the human species has been around much longer and in eras of technologies and sophistications once unimaginable.

With this in mind, the truths will soon be revealed that the human species has been on this planet for many millions of years; and, repeatedly destroyed itself with its own ignorances and technologies.

Sadly, we are near the end of the Fourth Era, repeating the same insanity as before.  Most of humanity will perish.  And, it will not be because of ‘God’s Will’.  It will be because of the negative, ‘evil intellect’ of those who asserted their Will upon the events of humankind.

The remnants of humanity will start anew.  The most essential missing ingredient in the human consciousness will be the ignorant assumption that our inhumanities and inadequacies are “God’s Will”.

Note: This a direct commentary from the ‘Mentor’ (the benevolent ‘alien’).

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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