The previous posting created some serious responses, calling it ‘dark’, ‘negative’.  To be clear, this was an itemized comment from those who are not indigenous to this planet.  The essence of this input is simply what will occur if the present course of events, the leaderships, military complexes, oligarchies of this planet are able to maintain the present course.

Yes, reality often sucks.  However, denials are, or can be, cowardly avoidance of reality.  How wonderful it is to have a positive attitude and wish for only good things and put divine light into all manners of thought.  What is missing, however, is the power of ‘realism’ as it motivates and emboldens the energies we implant upon the common consciousness of humanity.

Realism is not negativity.  Realism is power.  This is the one ingredient missing with most faiths and cults of thought as they become ‘pacifiers’ and negate the forces that can, in fact, alter the course of events.  The old saying “evil prospers when good people do nothing” is a truth; yet, the ‘doing’ must first come from the awareness of realities.  Without this, we are simply shallow words and wishful thinking.

When the ‘train of evils’ has been ‘on track’ so long and within all aspects of human life, it will require the power of ‘realism’ as the catalyst of positive energies and actions to stop it.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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