What does liberty really mean?

The word ‘Liberty’ needs some serious conversation.

Forego the vagueness and shallowness of such a word!

What constitutes a real ‘Liberty’?

How is it manifested?

How does it apply to a person and what he/she does in the real world and time they exist?

How does one know if they are actually being a person of ‘Liberty’, perpetuating this ‘Liberty’, or being used in a way that destroys the authenticity of their own ‘Liberty’?

These are the real questions.

Look at the dictionary’s definition of ‘liberty’….the one in 1900, the one in 1952, the one in 2020. It changes from one period of time to another. Why? Who decides what words mean? Now, today, even the so-called ‘dictionary’ is in question.

Perhaps it is time we decide for ourselves what a word means. Liberty is a wonderful yet ambiguous word. Have you ever sat quietly and thought about what this fine little word actually means, how it applies to you, personally and most intimately? You would be a rare person indeed if you really did. If you have not, perhaps it is time we all do.

Walking the walk

Liberty is a concept, a frame of mind, a state of being that forgoes the defines and structures that create limitations on what we think and have been trained to believe are our reality.

Liberty goes far beyond the existentialisms or theoreticals of religions, politics, or fashions of the day imposed upon us by devices of our entertainment and media industries, our cultural impositions of religious structures, the politics of our time by any name. It is an internal and external reality of how we really think, live, and ‘be’ as a person. This ‘person’ we are (the living life-form, equal to all of us) is on a journey that offers us all the opportunity to decide upon what you/we will be, what we will do, what we will become, what significance we will contribute to ourselves and to others. This is our divine liberty, whether aware of it or not.

The Details of Liberty

As much as we love the platitudes and inspirations of words that flatter our most wanted goodness or the twisted natures of our selfish and most based natures, the ultimate consciousness of our Creator requires something from us; and, in these requirements, It uses us as instruments of Its spiritual evolution, in Its timeless and endless evolution and journey.

Life, the thing we are, the thing all things are, has only two elements of expectations….. RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY.
Liberty is a shallow and meaningless word and concept without a serious understanding of our most intimate responsibility and accountability for the times we live in.

Liberty is not anarchy. Liberty is individual choices; and, each decision has its consequences, its karma, its reaction, its ‘sowing and reaping’. It is unavoidable and absolute. The Creator, God, whatever you wish to call it, is an impartial, non-biased, non-corruptible, uncompromising, no middle-man, no exceptions, absolutely fair and honorable divinity of all creation.

Even those who are totally convinced there is no such thing as a ‘Creator, God, Catalytic Consciousness (by any name), our existence is nothing more than an organic accident, can usually acknowledge the reality of cause and effect, both in action and state of mind.

Within the complex and often devilish manner in which the human species now lives, this reality is very intimidating. We want scapegoats, excuses, messiahs to intervene and save us, institutions to buffer us from our inadequacies; but, ultimately, they do not exist.

The reality is simple. You, me, and all that lives in this incredible and wonderful, unending infinity, are an integral and imperishable extension of our Creators’ journey and evolution. We are Godlettes.

Responsibility and Accountability are unwaverable and integral ingredients within our very existence. Until we, as each individual, become aware of this stationary reality within our existence we are in denial of what ‘responsibilities and accountabilities’ really mean… and, what power the word ‘Liberty’ really has when we embrace those required qualities that make it real. Otherwise, it is just a word.

Getting beyond the platitudes

It would be easy and lazy to just stop here….just leave it up to the individual to cipher through the wordage expressed above. We do not have that luxury now. There are events happening on this little planet, and throughout our galaxy and beyond, that require presenting items, issues, and realities we are not commonly accustomed to.

Any mental eye that is open will see the destructive actions of those in power today. The lack of conscionable honor within these humans is reliant upon removing the concept of Liberty and the human values that manifest and perpetuate it.

When a human society degrades into the mindset that it was wrong only when you did not get away with it, the principles required for real Liberty no longer exist.


Because Responsibility and Accountability are the essential qualities on which Liberty exists.

Side note: If you have read my autobiography “From the Inside Looking In’ you will have a greater understanding of the following comments. Each is a directive presented to me and I was instructed to share them with you.

1. It will soon occur that any number of folks from other parts, and dimensions, of our quantum universe, will reveal themselves to us, globally. What they will communicate to us will cause a great amount of confusion and hysteria among most of our species.
2. The confusion and hysteria will be across many sectors of human society. Religions will falter, sciences will be baffled and humbled, politics will become a matter of total purgings, a renewed sense of what ‘Liberty’ really means, and the choice each person has regarding ‘Responsibility and Accountability’ will confront each and every one of us.
3. We, as a collective of human creatures in this infinite universe, will transition into a ‘retro-progression’. I must, here, be a bit abstract because all is subject to ‘influence and reaction’ as this occurs. In allusive wordage… ’the influences are objective while the reactions and consequences are subjective. In other words, it depends entirely upon how we are capable of the principles of individual liberty as it applies to individual responsibility and accountability.
4. The subtle principle ‘no person need fear another while all depends upon the honor of all’ is a challenge to our species; though it is a principle long-lived in many parts of our universe; and, alternate dimensions within our universe.
The only reason I present this to you is because I have been told to do so. Whether you believe me or not is up to you. I, personally, care not. It is your ‘Liberty’; also, your responsibility and accountability, whether you want it or not.

An Overview of Liberty

As a personal note, there are so many things out there, on the world wide web, devices and apps, and YouTubes and social media and so forth that I, personally, know nothing about. These things are very important to many folks as they are assimilated into marketable fashions, socio-political correctness, and its’ consequent indoctrinations.

My only advice and caution is to stay aloof to all of it while using it.

Why? Because the day will soon come when these things are no longer there. What will you do without them? How will you adjust to the reality that only a generation ago lived… when these things did not exist? Will you actually have to talk to someone in person? Do you know how? Is there a life and livelihood beyond a laptop computer or high-dollar cell phone?

You may soon find out if you can live in that world or not. Can you find comfort in what you really are, and able to like your real self without your daily ‘selfy’ posted for all your other narcissistic ‘tags’.

These are not questions intended to insult anyone. Rather, serious and real questions every person should ask themselves…and, prepare to live with….and without.

How does this have anything to do with ‘Liberty’? The answer is ‘EVERYTHING’.

Liberty is so intimate and personal to all things that live while also totally ignored and ignorant of its meaning and significance. I have, personally, dealt with this my entire life and share it in absolute sincerity. Real Liberty manifests from within the integrity we require of ourselves. Much of this manifests by understanding and living the following principles.

• Your real power and liberty lie not in what you possess but in what you can live without.
• Real Liberty is in knowing the difference between needs and wants.
• Your real power and liberty lie not in what you think you belong to. They lie in what you are free from.
• Real Liberty allows you to see into what are free virtues and glean what are not.
• Real Liberty will not yield to the oppressions of zealotry and self-righteous exclusivisms.
• Real Liberty will not bow to intellectual vanities, from whatever source it comes.
• Real Liberty will not stand down to the heresy of religious fanaticisms.
• Real Liberty will not yield to the corruptions and dictates of self-ordained governments while living the responsibilities of a respectful life. It is balance.
• Real Liberty Wills itself to the codes of honorable thought and conduct among its’ brotherhood and sisterhood. In this, no person needs to fear another.
• Real Liberty embraces, in an innocent and innate fashion, all the clear and simple truths of a good life that need not apologize for itself.

Herein are the ten commandments, the codes of conduct embedded in all the spiritual essence of all religions and philosophies. This is all we need. It need not be encased in doctrines, policies, mandates, theoreticals of the intellectually arrogant.
It is through the Willful nature of individuals, throughout history, that we have overcome the shackles of all forms of oppression, little-mindedness, downright ignorances, slaveries, misconceptions of life and our universe. It has not been simple expediency or accident; rather, an exercise in a unique manifestation of Liberty of thought and intuitive insights that go beyond the fixed ‘norm’ of the moment. This applies to each one of us as we live our ‘moment’.

Liberty is an enlightened understanding and manifestation, within ourselves, whereby we accept our inescapable and welcomed ‘responsibility and accountability’ for our existence.

Without this awesome truth, the word ‘Liberty’ remains a shallow and empty platitude.

Clay Howard

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