In the Congregational church at Ripon, Wisconsin, the Republican party was formed to combat the expansion of slavery in the western states and territories.  The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln.

It is odd the American public has so little understanding of the precious advances in human equality achieved by this Grand Ol’ Party; and, the oppressive and exploitive history of the Democratic Party.

Fox News has a worthy presentation of the actual/factual course of achievements in equality, voting rights and defense of our constitution.  For example, women gained the right to vote via the Republican Party and Blacks, Native Americans and all minorities, as well.  And much more.

As our educational systems and most levels of government have become, essentially, tools of totalitarian indoctrination and oppression, our youth, as a whole, are mental puppets; our black brethren are still slaves to the Democratic Party and (as a whole) severely racist, it behooves all good people to come to the aid of our precious constitutional Republic.  Let us all be light in this…The War of Minds.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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