If there is a pure science, it is math.  Math will not lie.  It is stoic and honest.  Yet, humans can lie with math.  Manipulating the axioms in order to achieve a predetermined objective and/or in a manner to misrepresent for desired impressions versus reality is a common game among the Philosophers of Economics, cons, numerous enterprises, and governments.

Humans are always eager to hear what they want to hear, to be told all is well when they are on a sinking ship while the lifejackets are being distributed.  In today’s economic world the analogy is very applicable.

A Few Realities

  • Let’s begin with a solemn reality. In America today, we have a national debt approaching 30 trillion dollars, and counting.  Do the math.  If we paid one dollar every second toward the principal only, it would only take 963,000 years to pay it off.  Of course, that will never happen as the interest will stay ahead of the payment.
  • Economics and nature have some things in common. In nature, the less there is of something the more valuable it is.  The same is true with ‘money’.  When a nation or culture bases its monetary or exchange system on some form of innate value, such as gold or silver or any precious mineral or something innovative but imperishable, it has a limited but established value for a monetary/exchange system.
  • However, if, on the contrary, it has no stationary basis and simply produces whatever amount it wishes for whatever irrational demand prevails, the abundance of this exchange becomes less valuable until it is worthless.
  • In America, and with most nations in the world today, the exchange systems have no real value basis and are nothing more than a worthless promissory system with no intentions of establishing limitations. It is simple…. more is less.
  • Who is the so-called ‘lender’ all these folks (governments) are borrowing all this money from? It has a variety of names but, in reality, it is just something invented so we can say it is borrowed.  In the civilian world, we would go to prison for that.  It’s called fraud, and other felonious names.
  • The subject could go much deeper, regarding the manipulation of math but it suffices to simply present a few things in order to stimulate the ol’ brain and begin looking at the reality of our economics.

Piggies and Pork

Though basic math is simple, human nature isn’t.  Imagine you have a checkbook but no real money in an account or any way to back up or collateralize anything.  Yet, you hand the checkbook to someone who promises to use it well and responsibly.  We, as a nation, have done exactly that with our congress and government, in general.

We assume this is an up-and-up arrangement in our idealisms and delusions.  Here we have all these little piggies wanting as much as they can get and surrounded by a swarm of little piggies wanting as much of their part as they can get.  Meanwhile, we, the people, as a whole, are in the pigpen wanting as much of the worthless prize as we can get.  It ends up being a feeding frenzy of countless piggies feasting on an illusion, a ‘pork barrel’ of deceit and greed.  That’s all good for today but soon the barrel will be empty.  I wonder how civilized all these ‘piggies’ will be when that moment inevitably arrives?  What new congruences of manipulated math will then arise?  Be assured it will, and there will be a new batch of manipulators and the manipulated.

Reality and realism are not negative. This is not a gloom and doom perspective.  Nor is it judged as good or bad.  It is, again, the simple nature of things and we are to adapt and overcome just as we always have.  In the most utopian obsessions of the most perfect world laying just ahead of us, the realist is frowned upon; yet, rearranges and changes the names of the furniture. It feels great and like something new though it is, in reality, the same-o same-o.

You and I can only hope as these events occur, and we endure a bankrupt world, the human arrangement will be, mathematically, wiser.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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