The Secrets of a Manifested Universe
Witten in 1967 (As revealed by ‘The Mentor’).
Presented by Clay  (


This text is not an instructional meant solely for the scientific community. It is intended for any and all who have the interest and capacity to look into the mysteries and realities of life. Yet, in due time, it will be a motivator and insightful instrument for those with the expertise, curiosity and benevolent motives to pursue. Meanwhile, it serves as a supplemental to every person, now and in the near future, in their quest for an expanded vision of the mysteries of the universe and life.

Though it is ultimately intended to provide the fundamentals of what will be solutions to the issues of energy and exposure to the vast universe, the esoteric and metaphysical perspective is helpful, in context, with the physics of energy.

There are no references here. No ‘authorities’, sanctions or credibility are assumed. It lays outside the parameters of traditional (and current) institutions of thought and dogmatics. And, as time passes, these institutions will liberate themselves from their own limitations as our ventures into the finite and infinite transpire.

The wordage within this text is limited to the language and vernaculars of our current time; and, the limitations of he who manifests this text. Again, as the rapid progression of the human species is about to experience technologies and the quantum elements of communications and physics, the terminology and vernaculars will expand, and the simplicities of this text will likewise be embellished.

Clay Howard

A Manifest Consciousness

The manifested universe we see and feel is real. Yet, it has ‘origin’. In the realm of what is referred to as Quantum Metaphysics, this origin is a ‘Catalytic Consciousness’. This active consciousness produces a frequency of thought, in a virtually endless creativity; yet, It has structure as It manifests this active creativity. Thus, the ‘formation of form’ with an animate and an inanimate function, each serving a purpose that serves each other.

As impossible to grasp as it is, this Catalytic Consciousness produces a frequency of thought that is, in its purest sense of our words, ‘energy’; and, all manifested forms are, most simply, vortexes of this energy in collectives based upon ‘selectivity’.

Some clarity regarding this selectivity is best accomplished as we look at the atom. Within its core, the nucleus is a combination of ‘finite vortexes’ with features of mutual ‘acceptance’ in the process of ‘selectivity’. This, as we understand the nucleus, is a center of gravity, in a balanced magnetic field, an electronic field of selective criteria. In turn, satellite vortexes form that are compatible with the electro-magnetic field of the nucleus and become electrons suspended in a bond with the nucleus. The vortexes not compatible are rejected. This is ‘selectivity’; and, each atom becomes a little solar system among the countless solar systems.

The ’selectivity’ continues. Each atom produces a field of electro-magnetic frequencies that will be accepted or rejected by other atoms. The ‘acceptance’ forms a compound of atoms bound together by this ‘field of acceptance’.   The ‘continuance’ of this activity is the expanded formations of animate and inanimate manifestations.

In all, and ultimately, all manifested forms of Creation are atoms that are not solid. It is nothing less than manifested active creative energy, and this is the consequence of an active creative consciousness.

Levels of Interpretation

It is understandable that this presentation of ‘manifestation’ will not be acceptable…at least for the moment. Despite this foreseeing, it is applicable and relevant to every facet of human belief.

The religiously rigid who believe in a ‘god’ that is all-powerful and all-knowing continue to make their god small and defined in a manner of idolatry. Meanwhile, the reality of a Creator that is in all and everything and everyone is exactly what they attest to believe. This, in itself, is a form of dietary omnipresence, a ‘divine’ life manifesting the universe, which is also the pure formation of ‘Animism’ (the perspective that all things are alive in their own manner, within a universal spirit). The innate omnipresence of the Creative Consciousness is not something that must be sought and found because it is the total of all existence, in the first place. Plato attempted to define this reality as a ‘universal mind’, where all knowledge and thought is stored. In an expanded view, one can actually refer to this as a universal brain, created and managed by something beyond it we can refer to as a ‘Mind’, or God. 

The pragmatic scientist will first find this too elementary and the assumption of a ‘catalytic consciousness’ to be absurd. The idea that human life and all manifested creation is within an ‘active mind’, self-aware and endlessly creative, is too hypothetical. Yet, science, in its authentic form and motive, will inevitably be the path that will prove this to be a fact. Science is an ongoing pursuit of realities, not hypotheticals. In doing so, the validations of many religious assumptions will occur; but, with a different terminology and more vivid realities that can advance the human consciousness and continuum. 

As humanity is in the early frontier of space exploration, it will soon have the ability to remotely venture into distances unprecedented. In this vicarious venture will be eyes, visual equipment capable of any number of ultra-violet prisms. This technology will reveal a new understanding of the ‘threads’ or electro-magnetic links between planets and galaxies, throughout the universe. This, in itself, is very parallel to the structure of the brain as links between brain cells are similar. These links are referred to as ‘synapse’ and have similar electro-magnetic features as communications and transit between cells in the brain.

As a side note, these ‘links’ will prove, in due time, to be the highways by which intelligent life far ahead of the human understanding does travel in defiance of space and time.

Empathy in the Course of Progress and Transition

Our great grandparents, not so long ago, were using whale oil for lamps and what they could find for heat and cooking. The horse was a primary and essential mode of travel. Our grandparents saw the introduction of oil and the combustion engine. Most recently, we have witnessed the advent of the atomic age, telephones and electricity to the home, refrigerators, paved roads and tele-vision (soon to be in color). It all seems amazing and has happened so quickly.

These new amenities have greatly improved the quality of life for much of humanity. As with most new innovations in the human domain, the benefits also create adversities. And, with adversities come the advent of solutions. And, with the advent of solutions comes new adversities. The cycle continues regarding resources, impacts of the basic elements of the planet and social complexities.

All these new comforts and amenities require some resources and the ‘energies’ that recover these resources and convert them into use, and operate. Now, in this present time, the middle of this century, the great frontier for humanity is the pursuit of ‘energy’. To date, this source is oil and experimental nuclear. Hydro is limited but most friendly to the planet. New innovations will, thus, arise. Wind and sun-solar will be a focus and play their part in the progression towards the real solution….though they, too, will create adversities and limitations. The cycles will continue….”solutions create adversities that create the opportunity for solutions that create adversities that create solutions, on and on”.

Though it may appear the human is going in circles, each cycle of solution and adversity is a small step toward the understanding of the innate dynamics of the universe and, ultimately, the ‘passive’ utilization of ‘omnipresent energy’. 

Essential Limitations

Candor is not welcomed as we look into the honest complexities of human nature as it presently, and historically, exists. Beneath all advancements in technologies, science, pursuits of solutions in social dynamics, including ‘energy’, the motives and motivations are dubious, at best.

In authentic principal, ‘motive’ is the ultimate value to any progression. Avoiding the long and legitimate justifications  for this reality is essential here. Most simply, three ‘motives’ negate the accomplishment of defining the ‘energy solution’ for humanity.

One, from the laboratory to the final product, science and innovation is financed by a ‘profit motive’; and, this motive will always be vulnerable to less than honorable uses.

Two, within the profit motive is the want and desire for power and control of market; thus, control of populations in some form or another.

Three, new innovations are always first evaluated for usefulness in the art of war; and, will eventually be used in the advancement of that purpose.

As the basic nature and social structure of our species evolves to the measure these three ‘motives’ are not the priority or ultimate use in the knowledge that provides for passive and limitless energy, this knowledge will begin to manifest.

Much of this knowledge has already been found and prototyped, as of this year of 1967. In the next half-century, the advancements in physics and metaphysics will come very close to the dynamics of unlimited-passive energy for virtually every human need and want.

The catalogue of knowledge, in its essentials, has been, and will be, hidden by corporations and governments as ‘classified’; and, for covert military and political purposes.   The bottom line here is that, as a collective of humans, we impose our own essential limitations. In addition, whether each is aware of the presence of other more intelligent life in our galaxies, the benevolent among them has been essential in preventing our species from extinction with what little knowledge we do have.

What is a Real Energy Solution?

Quite often, we use words so casually and repeatedly that we do not stop to consider what they really mean. As the human population will soon reach at least seven to eight billion the precariousness will become self-evident regarding food, survival comforts, shelter, social and political sanity and stability. All these axioms of life will be in reliance of ‘energy’, in one fashion or another.

A primary factor in this population boom is climate. Without admission or recognition, the planet Earth has provided an unprecedented stable and hospitable climate for the perpetuation of the human species in the past two hundred years. Without legitimate points of reference, we have decided, on our own, that climate change is an issue we can micro-manage when climate change is a continuum and will happen regardless of our arrogance.

Within this ‘energy drama’ of human life, ‘energy’ will become an even more desperate issue. The paradox is one applicable to every issue….”the more desperate we become for a desirable solution the less desirable real solutions become.”

In this next 100 years of human activity there will be many innovations aimed at energy production and electronic conversions for homes, business, transport and so forth. Each will provide new insights….and, adversities. Most of these adversities will arise due to ‘MOTIVE’ and its consequences.

Proper motives, to date, have been subdued. Tesla, for example, if allowed, would have introduced real ‘solutions’.

In the meantime, defining what we mean be ‘solutions’ is a requirement for any form of ultimate solutions. Only then will the ‘enlightened and benevolent mind’ receive the knowledge and means to achieve this ‘solution’.

Ultimately, a real solution to energy fulfills the following criteria:

  1. It would not require fuel or any planetary resource to operate;
  2. It would not have a by-product. No No pollution.
  3. It would not rely upon any outside element to sustain its’ It would be ‘self-contained’ and continuous power. It would not rely upon the sun, wind, water, organic or chemical products.
  4. It would not need to be No need for power-lines, pipelines, transport of fuels or waste.
  5. It could be built on any scale for any demand and for virtually every human
  6. ft would be attached to/ or part of, that to which it is supplying
  7. It would establish autonomy, self-sufficiency and independence for the individual, family, community and nations regarding energy and utility.
  8. It would have an operational profile of Minimum maintenance.
  9. This power system should outlive that to which it is supplying
  10. It would have affordability and availability to all citizens of this

Anything less than this checklist is not a real solution.

Imagine the possibilities     or inevitabilities.

Imagine, for yourself, your children and the world community what this NEW AGE OF ENERGY will mean.

  • Imagine your vehicle with its own self-sustaining power generation system producing all the electrical power needed for your vehicle for the rest of your No fuel. No plugging-in for recharging. No pollution/waste.
  • Imagine your home with a total electric power source attached to the house like a common heat-pump supplying all the electrical power your home will ever No fuels needed. No power-lines or distribution. No nuclear waste or power­ plants or pollution.
  • Imagine virtually all forms of transport and transportation powered by self-contained, non-fuel power Never needing fuels. No consumption or pollution.
  • Imagine greenhouses, even in the most hostile climates, and erratic climates of the future, with a completely controlled environment, growing food for an increasing global population, because of self-contained electrical generation. No fuels. No distribution. No pollution. Economically efficient. Completely independent, self-sufficient power.
  • Imagine the improvement in global health with the ability to bathe, purify water, access and produce water, properly prepare, preserve and cook foods, power waste­ water treatment systems all because of independent, self-contained, non-fuel energy generation
  • Imagine the restoration of each nations’ self-sufficiency and security by not needing fuels or depending upon the unpredictability of fuel supplies and not having a vulnerable power/utility-grid.
  • Imagine the ability to overcome natural and manmade disasters as homes, businesses, industries and public services have their own self-sufficient power generation systems and not needing fuels or
  • Imagine a world of nations that need not go to war over
  • Imagine a world that no longer has the justification for the insanity of nuclear power.

The possibilities are unlimited.

Is ‘energy’, in its primal origin, the activity of ‘The Catalytic Consciousness’ humans refer to as ‘God’?

This question will always be one of technical and theological debate. Ultimately, the answer is “yes”. The humans’ mental and emotional struggle has always been one of ‘separation’ between their gods and humans and the material existence. Yet, there is not separation.

As we authentically ponder the words ‘omnipresent’ and ‘omniscient’ the reality of the entire universe (and universes), and all that exists within them, is this ‘God’, in a perpetually active and creative continuum.

Setting aside the debate and going forward with the hypothetical (but factual) conclusion that all existence is manifested thought, and its manifestation is energy, the need to consume energy to produce energy is most primitive and ‘unsightful’.

Other intelligent lifeforms throughout the universe (and universes) have this insight. The limitations of a need to produce energy, is as elementary as the limitations of time and space. To a great measure, this understanding, or wisdom, has allowed many lifeforms to also be an active consciousness more attuned to the Catalytic Consciousness (God). This elevates their conscious existence in the measure they are not limited to time, space or a need to produce ‘energy’.

This reality is so far beyond the present human capability there is no need for open, direct contact or communications with the human species. Such an effort, beyond the most frugal and selective conditions, would only be destructive for both parties.

Let’s get real. Look at our past and present as a creature on this lovely little planet. As much as we often see, feel and act with the most admirable motives, most of the time, we are not ready for the liberations and responsibilities of these enlightenments. Both the benevolent and malevolent in the universe consider humans a savage and dangerous species….period. But, with the potentials innately within us in due time.

Self-candor: The above statement is not intended to be offensive. Only honest. I include myself, the commentor of this context. This may discredit me, personally, but “yes” I have the capacity to leave my body and have since childhood. “Yes”, aliens have mentored me since the age of seven, shown many things beyond my present grasp. Yet, with this peaceful awareness of our immortality within the mind of our Creator and the desire to be a better person, I have failed more than succeeded. Why this capacity and why this mentoring is still a mystery to me. But, the mandate is to continue with these ‘writs’ for someone or some group who will inevitably comprehend and use them in the proper motive. 

The origin of this Quantum Relativity.

This was first introduced to this commentor at the age of seven. It remained ‘pasted’ in memory though the capacity to translate it and manifest it in written form  was to come later. In this year, 1967, it is manifested for the curiosity and/or enlightenments of those who are open and prepared.

Quantum Relativity

The constants of reference for future ventures into the elements of light, frequency and sub-matter.

(As written… 1967)

E=mc2 is a consummate equation for the atomic constant of primary mass. It is from this point of reference that the venture into sub-mass, and the innate characteristics of light and frequency, begins; and, holding to the reality of an active and creative Catalytic Consciousness as the origin of these qualities.

Keep in mind, this is written for the layman……not for the physicist and those of great expertise and vocabulary on these subjects. Consequently, everything here written will seem elementary and simplistically vulgar by the scientific community. This is understandable and I sympathize with their initial reactions. However, it is those within this scientific community, graced with eccentric curiosity and the attitude of probability, that will see significant values within this text. They will convert this elementary format into the workable machinery of their profession and find this text to be very valid, in due time.

My purpose is to catalyze and motivate those with the expertise to venture into its probabilities; and, to present this matter in a manner that the layman can see and consider in a coherent manner. It will be the layman who will ultimately accept and support what those with the expertise will discover and attempt to apply to the benefit of mankind.

The following table of E=mc constants begins with the point of E=mc2 and progresses into the constants of sub-matter (2 through 0). It is denoted in increments of tenths. The presumed elements of this equation are light (L), frequency (F), selectivity (S). Selectivity being the atomic-genetic result of the isolated composite of L and F. For insight into these elements refer to the introduction material ‘The Quantum Matrix Energy is the consequence of the activity of selectivity.

From the constant of E=MC2 into the constants of sub-matter.

E=mc 2.    (S)              20

E=mc 1.9  (F)              10   (Physical, ethereal, lower astral)

E=mc 1.8  (L)              18

                           Total  57                5+7= 12   1+2=3


E=mc 1.7   (S)             17

E=mc 1.6   (F)             16    (Upper astral, lower mind) 

E=mc 1.5   (L)             15

                           Total  48               4+8 =12     1+2=3


E=mc 1.4   (S)             14    Upper mind,  becoming aware

E=mc 1.3   (F)             13    of a collective consciousness.

E=mc 1.2   (L)             12

                          Total  39                3+9=12    1+2=3  


E=mc 1.1  (S)             11      Beginning of Quantum consciousness.

E=mc 1.0  (F)             10      The Par-braum level without space and time.

E=mc .9    (L)               9

                         Total  30                3+0+3                  3

E=mc .8    (S)               8      Selectivity lessons.  Awareness becomes

E=mc .7    (F)               7      more frequency and light.

E=mc .6    (L)               6

                        Total     21            2+1=3                    3

E=mc .5    (S)               5     Energy becomes more a matter of mind-thought

E=mc .4    (F)               4     and relenting ‘self’ in leu of receivership of light

E=mc .3    (L)               3     from the Catalytic Consciousness.

                          Total   12         1+2=3                       3

E=mc .2   (S)                2    Not definable.  Described in many ways but

E=mc .1   (F)                1    always as a ‘tri-polar’ union of life within a

E=mc .0   (L)                0    a conscious catalytic origin.

                          Total   3           3+0=3                       3

*21 primary quantum dimensions of consciousness.  2+1=3.

Total of Totals  210        2+1+0= 3

The axioms of 3,6,9,and 12 are the parameters within the catalytic structuring of quantum dimensions. 

3+6+9+12= 30 >  (3+0=3)  (L+F+S=catalytic manifestation)

The interrelationships.  Final note: 2023

Sciences, mathematics, numerology, astrology, metaphysics, physics, religions, spirituality, cosmology all combine and compliment each other in our human domain and quest for real truths and reality.  The innate arrogances of each isolates one from another.  The day will come when this isolationism will diminish as reality becomes undeniable.

Frequency is often mentioned, for example, in religious and metaphysical texts, as the ‘Word’ in the bible “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with and was God”.

In many religions and transcendental meditation disciplines, it is referred to as ‘the sound current’ or ‘audible life stream’.  A companion to this reference is ‘light’, mentioned many times in all religious texts.

The ‘sciences’ will find these factors to be self-evident as they venture into the microcosm and macrocosm of our universe; and, eventually, other quantum dimensions (or, parallel universes). 

Clay  (    

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