It reminds us of a classic film ‘Mr. Smith goes to Washington’, starring Jimmy Stewart.  If you have never seen this film it would be great if you do now.  The parallelisms will be similar.

Mike Johnson is not typical of those in our federal congress.  He is poor, middle class (financially) at best, a strong family man, not from an Ivy League college, a fundamental Christian in his personal beliefs.  Now, he finds himself in Washington DC, in the House of Representatives and ‘Speaker of the House’.

Considering the fact the Republican Party has been in control of the ‘House’ for nearly a year and has not reduced our expenditures/budget/progressing debt one penny and been a party in turmoil, it is strange indeed that Mr Johnson suddenly becomes the man in charge.

As most folks have slowly and sadly become aware, the ‘DC’ is no longer an abbreviation for the District of Columbia.  ‘DC’ is ‘Den of Corruption’.  It bleeds this stench.  Mr. Johnson is either a wholesome choice and option for the Republican Party and America or a simpleton scapegoat for the ‘good ol’ boys’.  Yet, it is unwise to underestimate Mr. Johnson and the motives of others as he assumes this responsibility.

He, like so many others who enter this arena of wolves, will need a clear mind and very tough skin if he is to do his part in saving this Republic from the present course of self-destruction.  The one thing he has in his favor that will be a powerful weapon against Democratic Radicalisms and its media onslaught is his consistent honesty.  This is a virtue very foreign to the deraigned minds in charge of so many institutions and ‘services’ in America.  Their paradigm of lies will need serious modifications as they discredit and persecute Mr Johnson.

The Fine Line

One subject the far left has pounced on regarding Mr Johnson is his religion.  Every ‘Soros’, Tik Tok and weirdo media is alive with insinuations of religious persecution by this simple man.  Of course, congresses and agencies and departments, on all levels, are full of religious diversities and it is not allowed to be an issue….even when it is obvious the individual or group is dedicated to the destruction of our nation.  Yet, when an honest Christian assumes a position with some authority, he/she is suddenly a threat to liberty?  It’s nothing less than hyperbolized nonsense.

Mr. Johnson knows the imperative of the separation of church and state.  And, as many of us are not Christians in doctrine or any other religion, by doctrine, we know this also includes freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion.  Pragmatisms are essential in a Constitutional Republic though the values of any person’s humanitarian side of beliefs are always involved.  It is unavoidable.  Within this issue is the only mature option….allow the man to prove himself by his pragmatic capacity.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

Earth’s Venting

Today, November 18, 2023, there are ‘officially’ 46 active volcanoes on the planet.  In a posting about two years ago, my forecast was from a transcendence in meditation that revealed 56 active volcanoes in 2023-24.  Climate change will be a moot issue as ‘Earth-shifts’ become an undeniable reality.  John Kerry will need to invent another crisis to fund his jet and lifestyle.

Quantum Relativity and a universe of energy.

The constants of reference for future ventures into the elements of light, frequency and sub-matter.

(As written…… 1967)

E=mc2 is a consummate equation for the atomic constant of primary mass. It is from this point of reference that the venture into sub-mass, and the innate characteristics of light and frequency, begins.

Keep in mind, this is written for the layman……not for the physicist and those of great expertise and vocabulary on these subjects. Consequently, everything here written will seem elementary and simplistically vulgar to the scientific community. This is understandable and I sympathize with their initial reactions. However, it is those within this scientific community, graced with eccentric curiosity and the attitude of probability, that will see significant values within this text. They will convert this elementary format into the workable machinery of their profession and find this text to be very valid, in due time.

My purpose is to catalyze and motivate those with the expertise to venture into its probabilities; and, to present this matter in a manner that the layman can see and consider in a coherent manner. It will be the layman who will ultimately accept and support what those with the expertise will discover and attempt to apply to the benefit of mankind.

The following table of E=mc constants begins with the point of E=mc2 and progresses into the constants of sub-matter (2 through 0). It is denoted in increments of tenths. The presumed elements of this equation are light (L), frequency (F), selectivity (S). Selectivity being the atomic-genetic result of the isolated composite of L and F. For insight into these elements refer to the introduction material ‘The Quantum Matrix’. Energy is the consequence of the activity of selectivity.

The advent of the equation for ‘relativity’ was/is, ironically, also the result of transcendental-quantum travel.  Another term often used is ‘Transcendentalism’.  Leaving the physical level of consciousness and entering a parallel, or co-existing domain of consciousness that is of another assortment of senses and dimensional perspective, including time, is as old as life itself.

With this in mind, as you study this simplistic scale of the quantum equation of ‘relativity’ you can also find the timeless defines of metaphysics, transcendental religions and philosophies, efforts to explain the multiple domains of creation in religious texts.  A generality of this ‘reality’ is noted on the right of each ‘Primal equation’ interval.

Origin and purpose

This was first presented to me in 1952 by what I refer to as the ‘Mentors” and most folks will call ‘Aliens’.  I was 7 years of age at the time.  Over many years this has remanifested in transcendent moments and become more urgent that it be presented in a more public manner.

The numerical sequences are not an accident.  Ultimately, this is the simplistic structure of all creation; and, the source of all energy, manifested and unmanifested.

Should the human species survive this era and become worthy of its usefulness, this is also the benign (passive) path to universal energy for all purposes.

The following are the criteria essential to allowing this solution to ‘energy’ to manifest.

Ultimate Objectives and Criteria

  • It will eliminate the need for fuel.
  • It will eliminate the distribution of fuels and utility energy.
  • It will eliminate vulnerable and dependent power-grid societies.
  • It will eliminate human dependency upon those who would otherwise control societies via energy dependencies.
  • It will eliminate the concept of consumption for energy or dependency upon the active elements of nature, e.g., solar and wind.
  • It will eliminate the insanity and justifications for nuclear power or weaponry.
  • It will eliminate, or minimize, conflicts and wars over fuel and energy resources.
  • The ‘passive interface’ of innate atomic dynamics will be universal in use and application.
  • This includes travel, flight, time-folding, as well as fundamental appliance useages.
  • Economics will no longer be a factor or consideration regarding energy.
  • It will be innately a part of, or attached to, that for which it is powering.
  • It is perpetual and will outlast that to which it provides power.
  • It is simplistic in mechanical logistics and requires little or no maintenance.

From the constant of E=MC2 into the constants of sub-matter

M=Light.  C=Frequency.  Quotient=Selectivity.  =Energy

By tenths                          L+F+S=E (Primal equation)

E=mc2                               02

E=mc l.9                            19                             (Physical-Ethereal)

E=mc l.8                            18

39        3+9=12    1+2=3

E=mc l.7                            17

E=mc l.6                            16                            (Astral)

E=mc 1.5                               15

48         4+8=12       1+2=3

E=mc 1.4                               14

E=mc 1.3                               13                              (Bhudic)

E=mc 1.2                               12

39         3+9=12        1+2=3

E=mc 1.1                               11

E=mc 1.0                               10                              (Causal)

E=mc  0.9                                  09

30           3+0=3                    3

E=mc 0.8                                  08

E=mc 0.7                                  07                                 (Par Braum)

E=mc 0.6                                  06

21            2+1=3                    3

E=mc 0.5                                 05

E=mc 0.4                                 04                                 (Atmic Braum)

E=mc 0.3                                 03  

12            1=2=3                     3

E=mc 0.2                                 02

E=mc 0.1                                 01                                (?)

E=mc 0.0                                 00                                (Catalytic Consciousness)

03            0+3=3                    3

  • Total Quantums per unit 192           1+9+2= 12           1+2=3

Save or print or forward this posting as often as you wish.  There are those, present and future, who will benefit by this mathematical and text item regarding the future of energy and humanity.

You never know how profoundly you will contribute to the future by sharing this with someone who may share it with someone, etc..  Real solutions should never be selfish property.

✭✭✭ THE AMERICAN WAY.  Don’t be Afraid. ✭✭✭


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