A Postlude

Alas, if in your latter days

The stars still shine

Above your head,

The moon is a halo

For foliaged hills

And a lazy stream

Captivates your dreamy mind;

If dewy dawns

are your risings’ sted

and feeble hands

are scared with yesterdays’

labored dignity;

and you reflect upon fields

where you and lovers ran,

upon your children

who have gone

their unique and destined ways,

upon their mother whom you loved;

and, upon the world

that force and change reveals,

may you recall the beauty

of your mother

whom I loved.

Then, remember

For one private moment,

Your small hand in mine,

So long ago.

Though life is bittersweet

We will know

Our paths had crossed

And I held you

To my soul.

Odes to a young man book coverThis is an excerpt from the book Odes to a Young Man.  In a world of confusion and chaos you may find this book to be useful for any young man; and, for any father of young men.  Click here to see it in the bookstore.







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