Of course, there are many forms of life throughout the universe.  Of course, there are folks from other planets and quantum dimensions visiting this planet; and, some managing to live among us.  It is becoming more and more difficult to deny.

It is inevitable the world of humans concede to the presence of other very intelligent lifeforms throughout the planet’s long history, their contributions to our creation and innovations as we developed and their increased involvement in this critical time of human conflicts.

This is not a simple matter

There are reasons for the slow and incremental awareness of this reality.  It is the complexity of human emotions, and mental and spiritual paradigms that limit our capacity to adjust to a reality contrary to what we now have.  This, in itself, makes us a danger to ourselves and our ‘visitors’.

A great paradox lies within our religions, as the most religious are the most dangerous and volatile.  Those in the covert elements of governments will not be able to rationally adjust to these realities as they will shoot first and question later.  Even those who have vested themselves in the intrigues of  UFOs and conspiracy theories will be dejected when ‘they’ ‘come knockin’, again, in person.

Of course, our planet is full of evidence of the ‘alien’ presence throughout Earth’s history.  We marvel at many impossible monuments and evidence we are unable to achieve even today; yet, denial is a barrier and comforter against these blatant statements of reality.

The movie industry and novelists have created the ‘horror story’ images and bizarre existential contrivances of our planetary neighbors; thus, making it even more difficult to rationally consider the prospects of ‘sur-nough’ contact, communications and diplomacies in our co-existence.

This is a very organic planet, with virtually countless viruses and other infestations humans, for the most part, have accumulated immunities.  We only consider Earth as ‘inhabitable’ and look at other planets as a challenge to visit or inhabit.  Why would we think otherwise for those venturing to our planet?

Alien diversity is a reality

In all canonized texts and mythologies and origins of religions the evidence of folks from other than our planet exists: and, is interpreted in a manner that made them deities, angels and an assortment of mythical creatures.  Remnants of those events remain and dictate much of our common perceptions and convictions today.

Just as we, these ‘visitors’ had different motives and involved themselves with the human species in different ways.  There were some who came as teachers and sharers of new ways of technologies within our grasp.  There were those who came as miners and exploited the planet’s resources.  Some came to settle and use their powers and knowledge to become rulers or micro-managers of populous centers.  Some had an interest in genetics, and we are a product of this curiosity.

Alien Conflicts occurred

Of course, there were conflicts of interest among the ‘visitors’ of the past; and, this conflict of interest exists today.  Much of our global tensions are influenced, more than we are aware (mentally, spiritually and politically) by conflicting factions beyond our earth species.

Historically, in the distant past, two major conflicts occurred between two ‘species of visitors’.  The first conflict was the ‘Fusion War’.  The second conflict was the ‘Light War’.  Archeologists and geologists are finding more and more evidence of these events, without any explanation for what they are finding.  Today, the human species is manifesting the capabilities of both Fusion and Light as weaponry for conflict.  This is an underlying reason for the increased presence of what we refer to as ‘Aliens’.

Justifications for these statements:

First, this commentator is no different than anyone who has experienced events and hesitated to ever confess to them.  The common reaction is ridicule, doubt, criticism, discrediting, ostracizing and self-embarrassment.   The present times are no different.  However, it has been mandated to me to make these statements regardless of the reactions of others.

Second, as stated in the books available on the website (TheUniversaLInfidel.com) my childhood had events of ‘visitors’, tutorings and transcendences allowing for the insights and ‘foreseeings’ implied in this commentary.  The particular ‘mentors’ referred to were, and are, a very gentle, loving species.  Much of their wisdoms are within the trilogy on the website.

Third, take heed of this commentary.  It will all prove itself in a short time.  This is presented simply to help you, the reader, be more prepared (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) for the events to come.

Clay The Universal Infidel

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