Going outside of our esoteric, metaphysical awareness is the concrete and immediate world we live in, now and for real.  And, as our public educational systems utterly fail as preparatory institutions, for our posterities, it behooves us to look at alternatives with rational integrity.

Yes, the national and public educational systems have no substantial credibility.  A variety of alternatives are here, however.  These alternatives are not just for our youth; rather for us, each person, as we enter into an era of the ‘war of minds’.

With this reality in mind, this commentator offers sincere suggestions for young and old, whatever your present state of mind.

Joy Hakim. History of the Americas.  The complete anthology totals 11 volumes, though there are other supplementals.  Ms. Hakim is, as I have read many versions of American and European history, the most objective, authentic, detailed, researched with objectivity, written with a down-to-earth vocabulary understandable by all who can read, historian.  I recommend every American to read these volumes in their quiet moments rather than watching a bunch of stupid Hollywood and intrepid movies and commercials.  The complete anthology is very reasonable in cost while priceless for you and your posterity.

Hillsdale College.  Just type this in and you will get the overall picture and purpose of this wonderful college of knowledge.  It is totally free of government financial programs and focused upon authentic programs for credible degrees (and personal knowledge) that help make for a useful and credible individual in the real world.

College of the Ozarks.  Located near Branson, Missouri, this college is a ‘working’ college.  Folks actually work in their preferred areas of interest as they earn their degrees.  Though originally a religiously based college, it remains non-proclitic, obliging all religious thought and free thought. The objectives are to provide an objective and informative education whereby each person is a useful and socially harmonious individual in society.  I recommend it for folks considering any form of entry for their children or themselves.  The financial alternatives within its variety of programs actually result in little or no debt for a degree.

Clay  (The UniversaI Infidel)

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