March 10, 2023

On the Issue of God

The human race is on the brink of polarizing regarding the issue of God.  It’s nothing new but the manner in which it is presented and polarizing is somewhat new.  We will hear, see and be directly affected as this issue intensifies.  The real questions will probably not be addressed by any media or clergy of any religion or position.  Perhaps, this commentary will help the individual assemble a more rational approach.

The conflict is not whether there is a ‘God’ or not.  Rather, if the individual believes in the same kind of God, or creator or cognizant catalyst to our existence, as another individual would believe.  And, it expands into the groups (by any quantity) with a common definition.

As an increasing number of humans become more aware of the immensity of the universe, and the phenomena within it, the small little ‘Gods’, with their preferences, prejudices, temperaments and arrogant mortal authorities become less acceptable.  In the ‘rejection’ of the traditional manner in which religions form and impose authority over the human consciousness there is not a rejection of ‘God’, in whatever form It might be.

The result is simple.  The human race is immerging, or ‘evolving’, into a common consciousness that is, essentially, ‘agnostically universal’.  It allows this concept of ‘God’ to be as big as infinity while ‘animistic’.  The ‘animism’ is an instinctive awareness of an ‘omnipresence’ in all things, including our total ‘selves’.  It does not require a name or defined organizational structure.  Thus, the slow demise of the ‘spiritually authoritarian’ organizations that have dictated what the human is to think and feel regarding a ‘God’.

Within this ‘spiritual agnosticism’ is the innate understanding of what is an ethical and honorable way of life.  The foundational principles of the past and present religions regarding the ‘golden rule’ and mysterious principles of ‘love’ still remain.  It is, essentially, an innate wisdom of gleaning whereby the hulls are caste away and the seed/nectar is saved and valued. 

Throughout the history of our species, the primal cause of our wars, inhumanities and oppressions has been our religious self-righteousness and ignorance. Slowly but most surely, the human world is becoming more aware of this obvious fact.  No existing religion or politic or piece of paper will ever change this repetitive savagery and divisiveness. 

The increasing awareness that a deep ‘spirituality’ without pre-conclusions as to what ‘God’ is, or in what form or format, is a liberation from the little world of a little God.  It is not a rejection of the probability of ‘God’.  Rather, an embracing of all possibility; and, in a most intimate and omnipresent way. 

Clay (The Universal Infidel)     

As the Sikh master once told me…”beware of the shiny tinsels of life. The most alluring can hold the greatest evils while the most crude of earthenware can hold the sweetest wine.”

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