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Does this flag suddenly make a person homophobic? If so, it also means the rainbow flag is heterophobic. The entire issue is only one example of the hypocrisies, contradictions and double standards our Western cultures have devolved into over the past decades. In this commentary, it’s going to be ‘personal’, and I hope it gets personal with you as we re-evaluate how we have become both tasteless and submissive.

I recall when most folks had a good measure of class. Whatever their sexuality, it was personal and kept private. We may have known what it was in others, but that was not a criterion for being friends or associating. This amounted to an unspoken respectfulness. No person was imposing their personal sexual nature upon another. (Of course, in the underbelly of life, there were exceptions.)

Over the past decades, this quality of ‘having class’, being respectful, and not imposing upon others has gone by the wayside. It has gone from a personal-private matter to a blatant, rude, shameless, self-degrading, embarrassing, socially decadent, aggressive arrogance, as those of deviant sexual preferences have assumed themselves ‘special’ and privileged. In doing so, they have crossed the line.

Tolerance is no longer necessary. Have you ever been present at a ‘Pride Parade’? I have. How a person can publicly demonstrate what a ridiculous fool they are is beyond anyone, straight or not, to imagine. And I am confident there are many homosexuals who are embarrassed as well. They still have ‘class’. 

In general, folks oblige their differences and get on with life. However, when a particular group (or category) of people impose their agenda upon our children, the ‘tolerance’ is no longer acceptable. Anyone who has been a parent knows how impressionable a child’s mind is. From political cults, cults within our education systems (from child care to universities), and many religious organizations to media magnets, the assumption it is fine to confuse and indoctrinate our children in their sexuality is unacceptable. Contrary to the perverse minds of these people, being ‘straight’ is acceptable, good, wholesome and worthwhile. A wholesome gender balance in a family as a child experiences ‘childhood’ is essential to the perpetuation of a rational society of humans. Yes, being ‘straight’ is also being proud of it and does not imply being ‘homophobic’.


Black Entertainment Television


White Entertainment Television

When is one racist and not the other?

This is another example of our hypocrisies and contradictions. Under the pretenses of equality we create division. In this case, the illusion or idealism becomes racism. Too often, we become subliminal victims of contradictory paradigms.

Victimization is no longer the liberty of any particular race. Yet, it is a tool to keep the issue alive and racism an issue for those who profit most from it. So many would have to get a real job if the issue were not their bread and butter.


The Zombie Syndrome


Delusional Educational Infusion

Where these diseases came from is a well-kept secret, though there are a few academic ‘nut-cases’ wanting to take the credit. We can be assured they did not come from the Wuhan lab. Well, maybe they did. As we look at the manifested dynamics of who these people are and their personal origins and present lives, we can easily see they all have a common dysfunctional life. Within this dysfunctionality is a variety of psychotic factors. To list a few:  A desperate need to not be alone in their inner emotional emptiness, a need to make everyone as dysfunctional as possible so they will not feel so dysfunctional, they disdain physical work and personal responsibility, they are sustained or supported by the taxpayer or a funding source with a covert agenda, their childhood and personal life lacked(s) any disciplinary structure, there is an acquired hatred for those who have the integrity they do not have, this hatred is also directed at any civilized structure though they have no concrete or coherent idea what to replace it with.

The Democratic Party

The party of slavery (The Confederacy) and totalitarian agendas. Today’s party of socialism dependent upon free enterprise to support it, intent on dissolving our borders and sovereignty of our nation, wants more control and intrusion into the lives of its citizens, has no respect for our Bill of Rights and Constitution. The list is long.

The Abolitionist Republican Party

The party that abolished slavery, opposes expanded government, opposes oppression and intrusion into the lives of its citizens, assumes responsibility for the sovereignty of our borders, defends the integrity of our voting system, defends the original constitution and our Bill of Rights. The list is long.

There are very few of us who have actually read and studied the Communist Manifesto, have actually read the Quran and Sharia Law, have actually read the entire American Constitution and Bill of Rights. There are few of us who, after all these studies, remain detached and value the substances within them and what benefits the human plight versus what is a terror to the human plight. Our participation in this society of liberty is never taken for granted, nor do we vote for personal gain or our personal greed or insecurities. The precious liberty of a voting democracy is not adulterated in these manners. It is a privilege unprecedented in human history and exercised with awareness it is bigger than us, much more than our personal interests. In this structure of principle, preserving the  foundation of the Constitutional Republic is the greatest gift we can ever give to our posterities.

The ironies and contradictions abound. These are only samples; and, not intended to be cynical; rather, a realm of realism that challenges us in the ‘War of Minds’.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)  

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