Our Webs and Contributions  (1968)

Excerpt; ‘From the Inside Looking In’.  Clay Howard

“What webs we weave in the course of time
As paths of lives intertwine
As though intended
That events can be mended,
Resolved, held dear;
And, from each junction and each thread
The course is chartered ahead
As though something grand and sublime
Is our dream within Its Mind,
Unrelenting in Its destiny,
Timeless as all eternity,
Endless as all infinity.

And, we, each a droplet within It,
Without end or respite,
Asleep yet faintly awake
To the paths we will take.
To this, each moment and resolution
Is our contribution
To the Creator’s endless journey.”

Our Common Human Characteristics.

How do we measure the value of our time?  Did we contribute to the benefit of others or only focus on ourselves?  Perhaps all of us have done a little of both.  All being said, if we are not in a balance between these two characteristics, we become a flat tire, appearing okay except flat on the bottom line.

Too much of ourselves makes us selfish and narcissistic, even harmful to others.  Too much into others and neglecting ourselves will eventually make us helpless and a burden to others.  It is a fine line to walk as we weave the webs of life with our fellow humanity and nature and the attunements to the spiritual universe.

And, as each of us reflects upon our past course, the honest ones will have a list of regrets.  Only those who are lying to themselves will be without regrets.  But, somewhere in the universal laws of our Creator is something we call ‘Grace’.  Our self-honesty and the resolve of corrected conduct and motives, does have an element of peace about it. 

In all the texts carved in stone and in all the means of manifesting the wisdom of our forebearers, there are references to this quality of Grace in the omniscience of our Creator.  It has a bearing upon what we call ‘Forgiveness’.  Looking into the details of this word, one can see it has two sides to it.  Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves.  It does not imply forgetting, however.  To forget is to repeat, and repetition is our domain of demise.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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