Plato, the Greek philosopher and oracle of Greece, 428 BCE to 328 BCE: “Revolutions, those intent upon replacing a society with another, are accomplished by migration and immigration.”

Plato lived at the end of the golden age of Greece and witnessed the integral events and consequences of a slow transition of the population as an open border and indifferent/corrupted leadership transformed society. Likewise, the fall of Rome is now understood, by archeology and the advent of DNA, how a mass invasion, by migration and immigration, replaced the demographic ideologies that made it an empire.

Today, we are witnessing, in America and Europe and many parts of the planet, how true this is. The old insight that ‘adversity is innate to diversity’ holds true. It is not a diversity in race or religion so much as a replacement of the understandings and knowledge by the ‘invasionary populace’ regarding the principles and ideology that made a society worth invading.

Unfortunately, the mass invasions of America and Europe are a deliberate tactic of a self-ordained elite global cult intent upon a one-world totalitarian rule of the planet. The long-term objective of gaining control of the political systems, the judicial systems, education systems, media and communications systems has been, essentially, accomplished. These accomplishments are the control mechanisms by which societies of principles structured to permit and encourage independent thought and liberties, and the responsibilities and accountabilities that are innate to these liberties, are eliminated.

Technically, and in pragmatic reality, the individuals funding, promoting and expediting this ‘invasionary displacement’ of societies are devious traitors of legitimate societies. But, the reality of ‘treason’ is difficult to explain and clarify in societies controlled by the ‘treasoners’.   This ‘hybrid revolution’ by ‘invasionary immigration’ has created a great divide within these societies that has the imminent probability of ‘counter-revolutions’. They will have many names but are essentially the same in cause and consequence.

For example, the ‘tribunals’ currently manifested in America, and elsewhere, will have ‘counter-tribunals’ and multi-faceted civil conflicts. All sides of these ideologies will be an ‘evil’ against an ‘evil’. The purgings will have the makings of anarchy in its most vivid definition. As ominous as this foreseeing is, it is not so different from countless events in human history. No person or nation/society needs assume it is exempt from these inevitabilities.

England is a fine example of this cycle. Historically, England, as an island landmass, has a timeless history of these events and is now undergoing this ‘repetition’.

The ironies always apply. The lure that is advertised and the ‘invasionary migrations’ that occur will have the illusion of ‘making a sow’s ear into a silk purse’ while, in reality, the consequences are ‘turning a silk purse into a sow’s ear’. 

On the fortunate side of this global event, there remains a substantial portion of each society, now educated and aware, that will confront this ‘treason’ within their societies. To succeed, this portion of humanity, within each society, will find it necessary to set aside their gentle natures and be the evil that will overcome the ultimate evils.  

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

Footnote:  This commentary is the result of meditations connected to the ‘Mentor’. It was accompanied with views of such events and conflicts of the past and present throughout the universe, in one form or another.          

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