Carbon Expendable and the Alpha Mega Writs


Herein lays a sort of diary, a testament, a voice from a soulful young man in the times of his greatest inhumanity.  It is timeless, presented in a manner that applies to now and all events of the future.  Written more than a half-century ago and applicable to all generations.  The insights and conclusions are worthy of every human mind.  Buy it.  Share it.

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Carbon Expendable and the Alpha Mega Writs’ was first written in 1966. It is a manifested declaration by a young man as he struggled with the savagery of war and the paradoxes of his humanity versus the reality of circumstances. Ultimately, this text is an affirmation of the goodness that lies within us. Only those of a strong mind and heart, or in need of such affirmations, dare read it.

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