I Stand in Awe


The most intimate testament of a simple man’s journey and attunements to the miracle within ourselves.  It helps define what we are and what we can become. Growth and awareness never end.  Buy it.  Share it.

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‘Standing in Awe’ is the essence of the great divide between the past bigotries and ignorances of the past and the enlightenments of the present and future. Our ‘awakenings’ as a species on this little planet are essential to our future as a species. You will find much in this text that applies to you and your contribution, as an individual, to the future of a more dignified and spiritual humanity.

‘I Stand in Awe’ (Part 1) and ‘In Defense of My Soul’ (Part 2) were composed and delivered in 1972. It produced both inspirations and condemnations. Read it. You will find yourself looking at life in a much deeper and mindful way.

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