Odes to a Young Man


This text exemplifies the adoration and love a man can have for his sons.  It is composed in a time when his sons are infants, enchanting him with their purpose and his.  It goes further, into a time his sons have become men and he an elder man.  How he sees them and feels the adoration and sentiment a man can and should feel.  It is a spiritual guide to the beginning and ongoing depth of fatherhood.  Buy it.  Share it.

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Composed nearly a half-century ago, ‘Odes to a Young Man’ is a young father’s expression of love and devotion to his sons. It provides cantations of heart-felt insight into the course of living as a father, what is most valuable as men live their lives. It is followed by offerings of insights and wisdom nearly a half-century later as they all have lived long and honorable lives. This text is worthwhile for any father as he attempts to be worthwhile to his children, and share this with them in due time.

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