The ‘pundits’ have their preferences for the best Christmas movie ever made.  The greatest was among the first.  ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’  is as deep as the oceans of the universe while as simple and relatable as it can get.

Yes, it has its elements of Christmas but it is about the significance of our individual lives.  It is about us and what the world around us becomes because we existed.

If anyone questions the worthiness of themselves he/she can find a rejuvenation of their self-worth and the importance of the life they live, how we are important to the lives of everyone we meet.

Whatever your religion, or lack of it, the life of George Bailey is about your life too; and, with an intelligent profoundness we rarely consider.

In a time when families get together and in schools, places of religious gatherings and the halls of politics it would do the world well to sit down and actually listen and watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.


A Kingdom of Conscience

They say timing is everything; yet, in most cases, we are always at least one day late.  Late or not, the power behind ‘courage’ has more impact than we may think.   Allow this to be explained.

We, in America and elsewhere, have been conditioned to be tolerant and patient with others.  It is a virtue that also has its’ limits.  Once we understand why we must no longer be tolerant we have the ability to not only defend ourselves but to go on the offensive and subdue the unworthy and unjustified oppressions and perversions of others.

It  has become self-evident that the virtues and values of what makes a peaceful and coherent life for the human species has been adulterated by a sector (and sectors) of society that has lost its mind.  Not only has it lost its mind but has long since infiltrated every aspect of human society with its insanities.

The lies and covert deceits with the motives of dominant power over the minds and personal lives of entire nations have come to the surface.  This is not only an abstract motive on their part but a desire for personal opulence at the expense of those who are most indoctrinated and those who are subject to the garnishments of governments.  This is not paranoia.  It is a reality forcing a well-grounded mind to refresh what it means to be a person with the courage to think and act within the ‘Kingdom of Conscience’.

Suggestions  for civil disobedience and offence as a member of the human species on this planet at this time in our histories.
1. Remove your children from the public school system. There are a number of wonderful people who are devoted to educating and helping children.  Many are in the system of a devious agenda they do not want to be.  Moving your children into private and optional schools is an imperative.

Along with this is your participation and support and personal involvement in state and federal efforts to revise and implement the manner in which schools are financed.  In simplicity, budgets are designed by the cost per pupil ($xxxx amount per student).  Insisting that your state and federal representatives design a financing program that will direct the funds, per student, to optional schools, other than state public schools, is the bottom line for success in protecting our children from the indoctrinations and perversions now being infiltrated into the public system.

Even in this, the equitable guidelines of what education really is should be established and enforced.  Reading, writing, real math, basic history, a knowledge of the constitution and personal responsibilities (We once called this ‘Civics’, which is now non-existent in public schools) and basic science are all that is required of the public regarding the education of a child.  An individual’s specific interests and talents are for an addendum of options the individual is responsible for….not the public.

This financing revision will provide a base by which optional schools can pay good teachers and administrators.  Ultimately, it will starve out the public school system and convert it to a rational educational system rather than an indoctrination system.  Competitive options are always worthwhile in a world that wants to be free.

  1. Remove yourself from support or involvement in those corporations and services that are so inclined to serve the agendas of censorship, non-capitalist, non-constitutional, one-world agendas.

The hypocrisy of these entities is that they prosper, thrive in opulence and control much of the world’s finances based upon free enterprise and capitalism while doing their part in destroying it.  They are eating off their own tail while wagging it.  Help them eat their tail.  Stop paying them.  Move to an option that has the integrity and principles that preserve all that is worthwhile for you and your posterity.

This includes news media, banking systems, government services and agencies, as YOU research and expose their arrogances and devious agendas.  Remember, the principal purpose of those in any form of government or agency of government is to be a ‘public servant’.  Today, however, these individuals in the hierarchy consider you to be their servant, dependent upon them.  Starve them out.  Awaken them to reality; and, this reality is that they do not exist without you.

  1. Make your move. Today, the real enemy of freedom and the liberty of individual conduct and integrities are those within your own government.  It is not from somewhere else.  Any suggestion from governmental people that the threat to our national integrities comes from other places or nations is a lie.  It is a simple and ancient tactic called ‘diversion’, a distraction from the facts and reality.  Much of this ‘diversion’ is simply a matter of excusing themselves from their own incompetence, deviant motives or helplessness in the complexities of the governmental complex.

To this reality, be of your own good mind.  Join in.  Everything begins at the bottom, at the grassroots, where real people live everyday lives.  This first involves enduring the arrogance of those in charge, of election processes and committees, drunken judges and lawyers, corrupted politicians.  Then, watching closely at what transpires as your communities involve themselves in elections and agendas.  Follow the money, follow the candidates and the alliances and lobbyists involved with each campaigner. Look for specifics, not just platitudes. If you can endure it, good for you.

Go beyond fear:  Evil humans depend upon fear to achieve their objectives.  But, fear can be subtle and most personal.  In our personal lives we value friendships and associations with others as we conduct our responsibilities and attempt to live in harmony with others.  Having a sound understanding of what is right and wrong goes beyond complexity and resides in simplicity.  Much of this ‘understanding’ lies in the ‘golden rule’; yet, gets deeper, into the ‘kingdom of a good conscience’.

Too often we compromise ourselves in order to oblige others and maintain what seems important for the moment.  It is our personal turmoil of private hypocrisy.   Every person faces this every day whether totally conscious of it or not; and, for the most part, it is for a reasonable degree of affability and respect for others….the ‘ol “go along to get along”.

In this, it is essential an individual knows the difference between ‘constructive respect and submissive fear’;  not only in our personal daily lives but in the bigger world of politics, religion, economics, and social dynamics, all of which directly impact us, personally, and our posterities.  It is a question and issue the human has faced since the beginning of our species.  Today is no different as we face the paradoxes of life in every facet of our political, religious, economic, and social dynamics.

Where does the ‘Kingdom of Conscience’ apply in these realms of living?  Whether we like it or not, it applies to all of them.  And, FEAR dictates a great degree of our decisions and conduct in all of them.  We all know the intimidation that manifests our fears.  Loss of friends (or what we thought were friends), fear of loss of a job and income, fear of public opinion, fear of persecution in our corrupted legal system and all the little/big personal fears an individual may have.

Perhaps, and obviously, many humans have little or no regard for the values of ‘Conscience’, right or wrong, justice and injustice, or regard for the dignity of others so long as they achieve what is within their own selfishness, arrogance and bigotries.  Herein lies the essence of human evil; and, it manifests in all aspects of human dynamics.

And, this ‘evil’ depends upon the human’s unwillingness (fear) to venture into this realm of ‘self-honesty’.  The courage to admit to our fears and weaknesses, the courage to admit to being wrong, are the barriers that keep us from embracing the ‘Kingdom of Conscience’ for the adversities and losses it inevitably invites.

Yet, when one does have this ‘self-courage’ and embraces it there is a profit that goes beyond fear.  It is in the knowing that ‘The Kingdom of Conscience is not a fear of others; rather, a fear for others’Herein is the nectar of what real love is.

Clay (The UniversaI Infidel)

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