Purpose and Origin


The Purpose of this website, and other activities, is to:

  • Free the individual from the doctrines of exclusivism and bigotry in religions.
  • Manifest the wisdom of the ‘Mentors’.
  • Encourage and promote self-esteem and confidence in each persons’ purpose.
  • Promote the simplicity of a meditative life.
  • Promote awareness of the need for global exorcism.
  • Encourage the principle of ‘balance’ between a material and spiritual life.
  • Remove the need for ‘exclusivism and narcissism’ in ‘belonging’.
  • Expand the awareness of a Quantum Universe.
  • Promote awareness of the intimacy of the individual and the Creator.
  • Provide pragmatic perspectives on the ‘Gleaning’…what to keep and what to throw away.


He was raised on a farm in the Ozark hills of America.  Much of his childhood consisted of farm-work and quiet times in the forest.  As a young man, his journey was not so quiet.  First, inadvertently assigned to an international expeditionary brigade in the Indo-China conflict.  Then, a great diversity of experiences in municipal utility construction, stonemason, carpenter, cook, protestant minister, bartender, river guide, newspaper publishing, communications engineering and many more.  He describes his life as ‘experiential’…gaining empathy with humanity.

His lifetime has been devoted to studies, academia and independently, in social anthropology, world history, world religions, international politics, physics, metaphysics, organic sciences, the worlds’ philosophies.

Over the decades, he has been very involved in social and humanitarian purposes, e.g.:

  • Participated in the original founding of OATS (Older Adults Transportation Services).
  • Appointed as the youngest member of the World Counsel of Religions.
  • Supported and counselor of the Hagen House for inner-city homeless children.
  • Senior citizen housing projects.
  • Contributor and volunteer in the founding of Family Crisis Centers.
  • Director of summer youth camps.
  • Baseball/softball coaching.
  • Initiated volunteer food delivery for the rural and shut-in elderly.
  • Instructor and mentor of meditative methods and transcendental meditation disciplines.
  • Associate and technical counsellor to Harold Sherman (Founder of the Foundation for Psychic Research and Psychic Healing).
  • Cohort with Catholic priests in the services of Exorcisms.
  • Private seminars on the spiritual dynamics of Quantum Physics.
Clay Howard

The three free eBooks shown below, as gifts to you, define the mandates given him as a young child and transcendent events over decades.  His transcendences and journeys within the ‘quantums of space and time’ provide insights and perspectives most useful to those preparing for a constructive life in the present and future.

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