“An ocean of words will be silenced in one small pool of clarity”.

Have you ever noticed how noisy our planet is?  More importantly, it is the ‘noise’ we don’t hear that is the loudest and affects us the most.  This may not make sense, on the surface.  Let’s go beneath the surface.

It becomes more clear when we ask some questions.  How many television networks and stations are transmitting their programs every minute of every day?  How many microwave towers stand high and loaded with disks sending micro-frequency signals in quantum quantities simultaneously? How many wifi transmissions are occurring every second of every day?  How many cell phones are transmitting from one person to another, every minute of every day? How many satellites are floating around the planet and pounding us with signals….even deliberately transmitting subliminal suggestions we are totally unaware of?  Speaking of ‘subliminal’, shortly after radio and television arrived most countries passed rules (laws) forbidding ‘subliminal suggestions’ (hidden words or video-blips).  Of course, how these rules are actually enforced is questionable.  Does anyone really know for certain?

The answer to these questions becomes obvious to all of us.  We are bombarded with billions of frequencies, simultaneously, every second of every day.  As has been known for millennia, and substantiated by neuro-science today, our brains and subconsciousness are ‘receivers’… even ‘transmitters’.  Our entire planet and our total brain, mind, consciousness are in an invisible ocean of signals, messages, frequencies of influence every moment of every day.

With all this considered, how much of what you are thinking and feeling is actually yours?  It’s a fair and reasonable question.  As you watch and listen to the news, YouTube, all kinds of ‘stuff’, you hear phrases and particular words within the context of the issue and subject at hand.  How often do you find yourself repeating these things and in a course of thought guided by these influences?  I guarantee it is far more often than you are aware of.

How many exterior influences are you bombarded with during your lifetime?  How much has literally shaped your mind and consciousness to bend to the Will of others; and, to the degree you have no mind of your own, even when you honestly think you do?  These are awesome and honest questions most folks do not dare ask.

I dare it.  And, in the ‘daring’ is the risk of it being too much for the weak, indifferent and insecure.  Nonetheless, among the objectives and purposes of this website and blog is to allow for this ruthless honesty as a significant contribution to the present and coming phases (and potential) of human spiritual evolution.

Note:  The following is in brevity.  It is simply to allow for forenotice of the book that will be published later…..Our Quantum Existence.  Meanwhile, it is good and worthwhile to present some things relevant to the subject; and, things you, personally, have experienced.  This establishes a good common ground for greater depth on the subject as future commentaries are posted.

Keep in mind, I am no authority on any subject of life.  The information provided is from a powerfully creditable authority, however.  So, ponder these things as they are posted.  It will help in your adjusting and adapting to the profound ‘awareness’ and transitions that will be occurring on this planet.

The Quantum Consciousness

Have you ever ‘sensed’ danger or someone watching you?  Have you ever had this strange feeling something was about to happen even though you may not have known what it would be?  Has this little ‘voice’ inside you ever warned you about mistakes you were about to make or opportunities you should pay attention to? Of course you have experienced these moments.

Where did this come from?  What is it within you that has this ability?  Frankly, the answer is simple though we try to make it complicated and often turn it into some sort of ‘cult’ or ‘science’ or even a religion.

Our instincts, intuitions, and sense of subconscious ‘awareness’ are innately within us as physical animals.  All creatures have it.  Some creatures use it a lot.  Some creatures use it less.  Humans almost deny it and use it little. The paradox with us humans is that we have a virtually unlimited capacity for ‘awareness’ and use of our instincts and intuitions while ignoring and using them less.

Like anything in life, the more we use it the better we become at using it.

The subject of a Quantum Consciousness includes these basic ‘animal instincts and intuitions’.  Why?  Because we exist within a quantum universe with multiple layers of consciousness within us at the same time and space.  This has been defined in many ways, over the millennia; but, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we are a multilayered entity of life and consciousness.  Each layer or dimension of consciousness has its unique capacity of knowledge, capacity for coexistence with, and contribute to, the ‘collective consciousness’.

The ‘collective consciousness’ is something similar to the concept of Plato as he attempted to explain the ‘universal mind’, where all collective knowledge exists and can be attuned to.

Conscious Singularity

The entire universe, and parallel universes, are designed for a perpetual ‘balance’.  The word ‘balance’ can be defined in many ways. But here, within this context, it refers to ‘a continuum of equal and opposing forces’.  Without this factor, the entire ‘existence’ would become ‘static’, non-active, inert, motionless.

Every religion, philosophy and culture has referred to this.  You can use your wordage and it means the same thing.  So, when the human creature endeavors to awaken the inner-self, the parallel consciousness he/she has, it is inevitable that the ‘seeker’ is drawn to some form of ‘collective thought’, a group or organization where a multitude of people have a common objective and need. And, be assured, this ‘collective thought’ is real.  We see it every day and throughout history, though we seldom call it that.

With this in mind, it is good (and, unavoidable) that we are influenced by and contribute to a ‘collective consciousness’.  In order to provide and preserve the positive integrity of both our contribution to this ‘collective’, and preserve our own individuality, it is critical each person maintain the ‘balance’ between:

  • The ‘collective consciousness’.
  • The sovereignty of our ‘individuality’ of thought.

Without this balance it is inevitable that we become somewhat ‘mindless’, sheep in the midst of a universe of wolves, caught up in scams or fanaticisms, following movements with abstract platitudes motivating us into doing the opposite of our original intentions.  The entire history of our species exemplifies this reality.  The same realities exist today.

Maintaining our Singularity

“If the eye be single it will be full of light.”  “Be still and know thyself.”  These are common statements. Yet, how deeply do we comprehend their intentions? To be part of something while being aloof enough to maintain a clear and ‘singular eye’ is essential to the balance of life.  It is the ‘counter-measure’ essential to positive spiritual evolution… individually and collectively.

Ultimately, it is our individuality that propels the collective.  Without it, the collective is inert, static, and stalemated into dogmatic rigidity.  This is when the ‘collective’ assumes the illusion it propels the individual.  Historically, this is exemplified by the manifestations of religions, theocratic institutions, and governments of an authoritarian nature.  Within these manifestations, the individual is seen as the enemy of the collective.

To maintain an authentic ‘singularity’ is the key to our internal quantum consciousness on a level it contributes to the positive evolution of both the individual and the collective. It is accomplished, and maintained, by ‘being still and knowing thyself’, overcoming the fear of what is beyond our present physical-life consciousness, opening ourselves to the quantum universe in which we are precious participants.

The most simple, quiet meditation, done as a daily habit, is a venture into the ‘quietude’ that, in fact, verifies “an ocean of words is silenced in one small pool of clarity”.


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